So my home town of Paradise CA burnt down today.

So my home town of Paradise CA burnt down today.

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  1. I’m so sorry :C I have family in magalia and paradise as well. All I’ve seen since this morning is unraveling chaos. If you have family there still I hope they were able to make it out safely.

  2. As another Paradise native, I’m here with you feeling the pain. While it hasn’t been confirmed, we are almost positive my family’s home of 30 years is gone. The elementary and high school, gone. Black Bear diner where we had our last breakfast with my father-in-law before he died earlier this year… just gone. I’m trying to remember that all my family and friends are safe, for which I am so grateful, but the loss of my childhood home and every single picture my parents had of our family is gone. And it hurts.

  3. My aunt lives at 578 Roberts Road. She is home bound and nobody was able to reach her. Between the fire map and the police scanner today, I fear the worst has happened to her. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  4. My cousin’s aunt lives up there. 88 years old. She packed up important pictures and documents, but couldn’t open the garage door. She started fleeing the fire on foot and was luckily picked up by someone just in time

  5. So truly sorry for your loss. Something I will say from recently going through a devastating fire is to take pictures, take videos, grab a local paper when it covers the fire. Time will pass but this trauma is something that will feel healing to reflect on once you’ve started to put the pieces back together. I’m now grateful for pictures and videos I took of my street and all the burned houses. We got through and so will you.

  6. Hey my sweet. I live in Santa Rosa, and by the grace of whoever and because of several neighbors keeping certain fields wet for days, we didn’t lose our home last October. So many people down here are holding you in their hearts (and let’s be honest, our lungs. Reminds me of last year so bad). We’ve been where you are. You will rebuild. It will be ok. Everything feels surreal right now. Losing everything. Being in the news. Knowing you are the disaster story the whole country is reading about. Knowing you’ll never be the same. You won’t. Every disaster from here on out you’ll feel a deeper level of empathy. Stick close to your community. Drink water. Wear your mask. Don’t be hesitant about taking what is being offered. There will be more donations and more help then you’ll know what to do with. If the donation ladies want to give you 20 packs of razors.. take them. It’s something you won’t have to worry about for a year (I lasted 11 months on the feminine hygiene products they gave me XD).

    If you need anything, don’t be afraid to reach out.

  7. Are you ok?
    Right now might be the shittest day in your life, but I can promise you it will get better. If you need to talk PM me and if you need anything just mention it. We may be strangers but we are still Americans. And damnit we will take care of each other.

  8. I’m really sorry brother. My first instinct, as a jaded piece of shit redditor, was to make some really stupid puns based on the town name, but then the reality of this sunk in and like… I’m just really sorry dude. This is tragic. I hope you’re safe and godspeed to the first responders for those who aren’t safe.

  9. Good luck, man. Up here in Redding sending what we can. Most my neighbors lost everything of theirs and we lost some a couple months ago. Keep with friends, family and move forward one step at a time. Godspeed

  10. We’re pretty far South so I doubt we’ll send anybody up there unless asked, but my company specializes in restoring electronics and artwork that has been impacted by soot and ash.

    If people go back to their homes and find them still standing I might be able to help out getting a truck or three up there to get entertainment centers and appliances and paintings and such cleaner than they were yesterday.

  11. Yeah, my dad texted me this evening to tell me that his house burned down. He lost everything, including his pet dogs.

    I couldn’t believe it. The fire came out of nowhere and tore through the town in the matter of a day. On top of that, my brother had to evacuate Thousand Oaks because of their fire. I’m going to sleep with one eye open tonight.

  12. Yeah we lost our house and our cat ran away when I was trying to catch him. I helped out my wife at her work evacuating sick and old people from a medical facility helped as much as we could. I’ve been hearing it burnt down. But that everyone got out safe as far as we know now.This was the scariest thing I’ve ever been in. I was stuck in front of the McDonald’s with my wife and kids while it was going up in flames. There were moments of panic when stuck in traffic where the panic was trying to get me to get out on foot a few times but breathed through it. On the way down skyway it was like napalm was dropped everywhere luckily we made it out and are safe at my parents house. Hope you and your friends and family all made it out safe bro.

  13. I have friends that have family in that area. Friends who themselves faced images like this within the last 18 months in northern and southern California. It doesn’t get easier to see the widespread devastation and so much of people’s lives just gone. Words can’t begin to sufficiently convey my sorrow for you and your neighbors loss, but I hope all of those effected can find the strength to rebuild what is now gone and to find normalcy once again.

  14. I’m currently in the Bay Area and we’re experiencing all of the smoke. I’m so sorry for your loss and the devastation. Fire is terrifying and we’re dealing with it far too often.

  15. I’m super sorry. I have a co-worker from there as well and we were looking on at the progress in horror.

    Thankfully his parents got out without issue. I hope any friends or family still there are doing well.

  16. Chicoan here. I’m so sorry. I didn’t spend a ton of time in Paradise, but I have some friends who were from there, and I know it was a good city. I hope you made it out safely to a friend’s house or one of the evacuation centers around. This is a fucked situation, but we little Northern Californian towns have to stick together.


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