Sneezing during a panoramic photo

Sneezing during a panoramic photo

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  1. Mike: “Selfie time, Karrie! Hold still!”

    Karrie: “Okay Mike.” leans in and smiles gently

    Inner-voice Karrie: “Uggh… is this date EVER going to ENDDdddd? Why, oh god, why, did he have to douse himself in Axe?”

  2. I’m confused. When I take a panoramic shot I have to slowly pan 270° and the shots are stitched together in a super long picture. All these panoramic posts with distortions from movement look nothing like my panoramic shots. They look like a single picture that are not super long from physically panning. Are they cropping those sections out? What am I missing here? Is this some Snapchat filter?


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