Slime Mold searching for food

Slime Mold searching for food

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  1. In college we had a slime mold in a petri dish someone chucked in a drawer for whatever reason and no one knew about. Until it started out of the drawer. Someone opened it, the damn thing had been consuming cockroachs and leaving bits of them around the drawer. They had to get rid of the whole desk and burn it. Slime molds

    Edit: it was left over summer vacation and rediscovered in the fall so no one knew till then. And the building is super old (one of the oldest on campus) so it’s hard to get rid of all the bugs.

  2. It seems to have two kinds of “search algorithms”, one long range, random forking that looks like a flash of lighting, and another that runs close to it’s established “bases”, but covers area.

  3. When I was a student tech for my bio classes we had slime mold delivered for use in lab once. It escaped the plate it was on and filled the entire padded manilla envelope it was shipped in and ate the glue that sealed the package shut. Simply ravenous little organism.

  4. Is there some place I can read about this specifically? Id love to code a simulator but dont want to give it a straightforward AI, since I dont think mold individually thinks(or thinks at all) that way

  5. Reminds me of the video where they arranged bits of food in the same positions as train stations in the Tokyo rail system and let they slime mold find their own paths to the food. Ended up being pretty similar to the system that humans designed, and I think a few paths were actually more efficient

    I think there’s also a video where they have the slime mold control a robot. Slime mold is cool.


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