Sir, please bring your vehicle to a complete stop.

Sir, please bring your vehicle to a complete stop.

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  1. I get stopped most days by the local elementary school kids who have vests, flags, whistles and organize the crossing near the local school.

    It is amusing as all us adults going to work have to wait for some 6th graders to let us go 😉

    Very safe and quite effective.

  2. Everything about this gif seems so wholesome. It’s almost like it’s a “getting the gang together” scene straight out of a coming of age movie (Moonrise Kingdom). Even the dog running across the street to greet his friends makes it seem so… I’m nostalgic for this even though I’ve never known this moment. Anemoia.

  3. I’m sure glad the driver was paying attention. No official crosswalk, the dog just bolts out in the road as does the girl pretty much. I hope she doesn’t get to used to cars stopping for her whenever she wants. I’m probably gonna get downvotes a bunch cause this isn’t a comment saying ‘wow look how smart that kid is! Crossing guard future for sure!’ But this was just my initial reaction to seeing a kid walk out in the road assuming cars will stop for her.


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