Simpsons are wholesome

Simpsons are wholesome

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  2. Actually searched the web looking to buy something similar to this (Where you replace the pictures of Maggie with your own child) but couldn’t find anything close.

    I think it would make a cool little gift.

  3. Knew it without needing the story. I guess anyone who isn’t ancient probably needs all the explanation though.

    I both love and hate that I turned into Homer in this instance. But I do what I do for love.

  4. I had a rough time after my divorce. Stressed,broke, didn’t like my job. Just a big ball of stress and exhaustion.

    One night I was trying to make dinner for the kids and my two year old kept saying “Dadddydaddydaddy!” I said “what!?” all irritated, and she told me “love you” for the first time. I lost it and cried so hard the bigger kids got a little worried. I’m tearing up now thinking about it 12 years later.

  5. Why does it say Homer’s full name every time but not anyone else’s? There’s literally only one other homer and he’s been dead for thousands of years I think you’re good.

  6. I was explaining to one of the younger people I work with that the Simpsons used to be one of the most amazing shows. They went back to making sponge bob memes. Some people will never care about who shot Mr. Burns.

  7. I nanny and the dad came home from a long day at work, went straight to his daughter, gave a happy sigh and said “it’s all worth it” and gave her a hug. It was the sweetest, most genuine love I’ve witnessed.

  8. And this is why I always always hate Peter Griffin with a passion. Homer may do things that hurt his family, but he does them because he is stupid and doesn’t know any better. Homer loves his family with all his heart. Peter knowingly hurts his family members and treats some of them like shit.


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