Should you be concerned about paying off rental properties quickly? Should you do the 30-year plan? Many people have the goal of paying off their mortgage as soon as possible, thinking it will make them wealthy. But doing so allows the bank to dictate your life.

Kris Krohn and Steven Michael Miller explain why they don’t recommend this, and what the better strategy is. You actually want to pay as little as possible and let your money work for you. You need a strategy for rolling it into the next property.

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Kris Krohn & Nate Woodbury

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Kris Krohn – Limitless TV : Should You Pay Off Mortgage Early? or Make Minimum Payment?




  1. I would look at getting a mortgage, or borrowing money for any kind of loan for that manner, on a fixed APR at or below 3%, or even 2%, if possible, on a 35-40-50-60-year-length repayment plan. I don't care about equity or being able to pay off within my lifetime. I want to spread and leverage as much as possible using debt financing with no money down and no PMI at or below a 3% fixed APR.

  2. so would a 30 year mortgage be recommended on property we plan to live in or is that better to pay off asap?…. and then just 5-7 years is for investment properties? so i can sell a house before its even paid off? what happens if you end up getting a good deal on a house and the numbers are right and within 4 years you still end up having to put a ton of your profits back into fixing the house? anything could happen!

  3. Okay, this video kind a threw me off, so you guys are saying sell the house in 5-7 years and buy two more… and sell those 2 the 10th year and buy 4? but, just to hit my target I'm looking at 20+ years. I think, you guys should do a another one with… when and how to pull money from equity from a house, before you sell it within 5-7 years and have at least 2 more houses before you sell the 1st one.


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