At the arrest scene of mail bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc, a van was towed away to Miramar, Florida, where an FBI field office is located, a law enforcement official said. The van’s exterior features images of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence as well as a “CNN Sucks” sticker, video footage shows.

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CNN : See the pro-Trump stickers on mail bomb suspect’s van

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  2. So fake….these are not individual stickers…it’s a manufactured printed sheet…who in the hell does this…every one that I have ever known places the stickers when they get them…all perfectly aligned…90% of the bumper stickers I have ever seen are crooked… TOTAL BS!

  3. And yet none of the package bombs had postmarks on them, And there is a picture of the van and it looks like a FBI agent is applying the decal. It even looks like he has the applicator in his right hand used to smooth out air bubbles in decals. Sure makes me question all this. And why doesn't the media point out the no postmark. Is it all a democratic ploy.

  4. Social blade has no records of his post or tweets or anything till the 26 how is that for possible ,. It's like he just started , they track everyone ! This suppose to went back to 2016 and he has nothing ! That's not possible! No threads no nothing ! No folders !

  5. CNN is fake news. Cesar Sayoc was USED by evil people to create a false-flag narrative. Such activities were prophesied by true prophets even before it happened,
    Thank God, few people are fooled.

  6. This whole thing smells bad…
    One; how did a guy who lives in a van even organize all this to be sent at once, Two; how could he have gotten all the addresses, and Three why would somebody go through all the trouble but not let a single one blew up?

  7. 😂😂😂 See the stickers up close, folks!!!
    No one actually believes this van was cruising around Florida! Nor was it parked anywhere….. It would’ve been vandalized within 20 minutes 🤣. A car with a Trump bumper sticker gets vandalized. But we’re supposed to believe that people just walked by this? Gimme a break. This is propaganda, people.
    The fact that CNN has a skit, focusing on these over the top, outlandish stickers…. is fucking hilarious. They would’ve NEVER shown an actual Islamic terrorists social media pages, or even admitted that “Allahu Akbar” was yelled by a terrorist who was actually blowing people up😂 but they did a segment on this fucking staged bullshit?

  8. CNN IS BS. He supposedly hated Jews an Trump also. Just a nutter or patsy to cause more hate and division. Strange how the stickers are so NEW , perfectly placed ,no signs of wear and tear.


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