In today’s episode of the Let’s Play, walkthrough, and playthrough of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice, we call Pees’lubn Andistan’dhin to the stand and have him play us some chill, extremely mellow music about peace, love…and shredding.

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GAME: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice
AUTHOR: Capcom

FAN ART OF THE DAY: Kevin Castro –

The story of Spirit of Justice is set roughly one year after its predecessor, Dual Destinies, and once again focuses on defense attorney Phoenix Wright and his two understudies Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes. While previous games in the series have been set in Los Angeles, California, Spirit of Justice sees Phoenix travel to the fictional kingdom of Khura’in, a deeply religious nation in the far east where the art of spirit channeling originates. Roughly half the game’s episodes detail Phoenix’s activities in Khura’in, while the other half follow Apollo and Athena, who are left to watch over the Wright Anything Agency in Phoenix’s absence.

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NicoB : ROCKIN’ JESUS – Let’s Play – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice – 3 – Playthrough




  1. When Andistand'din asks what Phoenix' type of music is, he asks if it is Orchestra or Jazz Soul, the Ace Attorney Soundtrack was performed in these styles before.
    Btw, go listen to The Fragrance of Dark Coffe (Godot's theme) in the jazz version, it is f*cking amazing.

  2. I wish they would portray wrights character more confident like they did in Apollo justice. That's my biggest issue with these later games, even if the player is unsure of his decisions Phoenix should be much more confident due to his past experience more often than not, but the design team still chooses to make his character look like he's constantly grabbing for straws. Its why I dislike the new games more than the old ones… Regardless of how good the story is told Phoenix's character just still seems like a rookie regardless of his experience and what should be an incredibly calm and collected demeanor

  3. One thing I forgot to mention is that this cross examination is my second favorite in the AA series. The first one I like is from Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright.

    When I played this case I really enjoyed this as a first case. Granted this case out of all five cases this is my least favorite one. I still enjoyed the case though:)

    Haha I was waiting for your reaction to the metal Jesus transformation which I totally love and the bleep sound turned super deep.

    LOL Kokichi and the lies:.

    Aww I just like Albhi a lot:) He is cute and funny along with shadow the dog:)


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