In this Robert Shapiro interview, Patrick bet-David talks to American civil litigator and co-founder of about his history, story and thoughts on criminal defense

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About Robert Shapiro:
Internationally renowned litigator Robert Shapiro is a co-founder of Robert Shapiro is also a co-founder of Legalzoom and a partner at Glaser, Weil, Fink, Howard, Avchen & Shapiro LLP.Mr. Shapiro most famous trials include the defense of O.J. Simpson and Christian Brando. To date, Mr. Shapiro continues his practice as both a criminal and civil trial attorney.

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Valuetainment : Robert Shapiro: OJ’s Attorney Reveals Untold Stories




  1. Forget about his work on the O.J. trial…to ME, the most important part of this interview and, it was a surprise to me because I didn't know about it beforehand, was him telling the story of losing his son to drug addiction and the realities that go along with a drug addict's progression and the lies they tell so convincingly to hide it…he was absolutely spot on about ALL OF IT. The lies from the addict, the fact that you can send a loved one to the MOST prestigious and acclaimed 30 day rehab program on down to a government funded 30 day program and nearly every addict WILL relapse on the 31st day. Fact. Sometimes within HOURS of release. I'm sorry for his loss but truly appreciate his brutal honesty about this horrific problem we face in this country, particularly for our youth and our own children. Best part of the interview and the most important part, imo.

  2. The title is very misleading, Robert does not talk about the OJ case at all, and all his other stories are mundane and what some typical for a high power lawyer, I guess Robert doesnt know that people only interview him for OJ stuff… "I refuse to discuss the oj case" so you dont want to do any paid interviews

  3. I wouldn't want an attorney like Shapiro. After hearing his shanningans when he was supposed to be defending OJ and his remarks after the trial against his client…I feel Shapiro has no heart as an attorney. He's weak in the courtroom which is why he got kicked out of the lead spot during the OJ trial. I respect Cochran and want an attorney like him if I ever should need one and I don't plan to ever do.

  4. I guess entrepreneurs want feedback but I bugs me that all that people took from this was logo transitions and background music . Great interview PBD, thanks for all of the GREAT, FREE CONTENT that you make available for folks like myself who are changing our lives. It's great guidance.

  5. Why doesn’t Patrick understand the music is really REALLY REALLY! annoying……… so much for understanding his clients/viewers. It’s been mentioned to him numerous times…

  6. Shapiro almost got OJ locked up for a very long time. All Shapiro did was try to get plea bargins for OJ and caused a lot of friction amongst the "dream team" . Getting Cochran to take over saved OJs ass.

  7. Makes you evaluate all the more what it took for Hillary and the Deep State to get away from wearing orange for good … so far … let alone having the audacity to organize the slander against the one President of our lifetimes who performs miracles upon miracles for his Country!

  8. Robert Shapiro said the legal system is favour of the prosecution. IMO that depends on how much money you have. A guy like Donald Trump has been accused many times of sexual misconduct, even rape, he's a notorious defaulter, he hired illegals, committed fraud, ect. All in all he was involved in nearly 5000 lawsuits and didn't spend one day in jail. How come?


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