Road rage fail

Road rage fail

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  1. Let me hit you, get mad about it and exit my vehicle and then proceed to let said vehicle start hitting others because putting it in park was too much effort. Smart dad jeans, real smart.

  2. Recently encountered the worst road rage I’ve seen in my life.

    Truck gets cut off by a sedan, but not even in a mean way, just that they both tried to change lanes at the same time so the Truck had to wait to do it because he was behind the Sedan. The truck guy got so angry and started swerving literally half the width of a road towards the guy as though threatening to slam into him sideways, presumably to scare him. He did it SEVERAL times until the Sedan just left him behind and turned down a road to get away from him. I thought the guy in the bigass lifted compensator truck was going to kill the guy.

  3. So let me get this straight:

    1) He cuts someone off.

    2) He gets mad at _them._

    3) He gets _out of his car_ to fight them.

    4) He forgets to park it so it rolls away into other cars.

    Man, what a jackass.


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