Donate to Syria —–
We asked homeless and millionaires in New York City if they would donate to help Syrian children. The reactions were shocking and heartwarming as well. Enjoy!!!

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DuoHK : RICH VS POOR Donate To Syria Experiment (Social Experiment)




  1. We hope you enjoyed this video. Please SHARE this video so that more people would be able to DONATE to Syria. We love you guys! Keep smiling!! PREVIOUS VIDEO:::

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  2. HK I can speak Syria I I been in Syria and I get in Canada Yeah there is people dying I saw one Kid die and I cry😭 so hard I been in Syira I can speak English and Syria I Been in Syria and I can speak Syria

  3. 1:49 yeah dude “I only have 1 dollar on me” pfft, Boi I saw that other dolla, nah jk jk don’t take this as hate, god bless this man that he stopped to help, there’s many videos of this but not enough people in the world like this man.


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