★ We breakdown the entire story, ending, epilogue, Wolf/Deer dreams & secret cut-scenes of Red Dead Redemption 2! (SPOILERS!) ★
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LegacyKillaHD : Red Dead Redemption 2 – Full Story, Ending, Epilogue & Secret Credit Scenes Explained


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  1. I’ve been sick for the past three days so I was able to stay home and play this game until I finished it. I coughed the whole way with Arthur Morgan so that added a personal touch for me. I had trouble breathing as he died as well (because of my chest infection). I have never felt so emotionally invested in a story in my life, now I’m back at work right now and feel like I lost something.

  2. I've just finished this, and it makes me wonder when Morton first gets TB before you do that mission put your bandit Bandana on would the bandana be removed or kept on as the cutscene play 🤔 anyone tried I'm curious 🤔❤️

  3. Any one else fucking hate themselves for watching this before they finished even chapter 2. I was worried when the lady said that her husband was sick and Aurther coughing later made me start to catch on. This is one of the best games I've ever played. After watching this I'm sad I'll never get to truly experience it.

  4. They fell for traps many times, I mean one time Dutch meets that one dude, Arthur gets kidnapped, Sean gets his head blown off by the Grays. Micah fucking kills everyone and is arguably one of the reasons for the downfall of the gang

  5. Gotta love how Lenny talks about their being a party when Micah falls but proceeds to punch bill that poor hillbilly can do anything and get a few bruises


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