Child custody can get really messy and no parent would ever want to lose so watch out, here are reasons on how you could lose the battle.

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Live On Purpose TV : Reasons A Parent Can Lose Custody

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  1. Thank you so so so much for these videos. They are very helpful and so very true. There is no win or lose. And this is where so many people get so focused on is winning or losing instead of what works or what’s right.

  2. You have amazing videos that are very informative and insightful. Currently, I am awaiting a 706 (Expert Custody Evaluator) based in Las Cruces New Mexico, my appointment is this Thursday on the 18th, I have been accused of about 4 false allegations and I have spent this entire week organizing everything for the evaluator to prove how these are false allegations, all 4 allegations have been ruled out as well after the investigations. My question to you, is there any way you can make a video about what I can do about many false allegations, basically how can I take action against the accuser or how can I prove in a court of law that these allegations were false with malicious intent? Also, how should I prepare all of my evidence for the expert custody evaluator.

  3. I disagree with children needing both parents. My child’s father has done more mental health damage to our daughter being around her father than being with him. Not every father can be a father. And the courts need to be reformed to accommodate such non physical abuse to a child.

  4. Can you make a session about how to deal with co-parenting when the other parent is flirting and still talking “couple family talk?”
    (And yes… many direct “turn down” conversations have been made over the last decade.)
    Example: When I try and co-parent he sees this as an “in” to be a couple and happy family again and then takes it out on my child and I when he realizes I am only interested in talking about my son. Makes co-parenting difficult and my 10 year old son confused. I thought it might be a good idea for a clip?

  5. What if my husband isn't abusive towards the children but abuses me in front of the children? Should I not even bring that up to the court in order to not sound like I'm bad mouthing him? I DO want my children (5yr old and 3month old) to have a healthy relationship with both of us but I also worry that he'll turn them against me because he has done that to her right in front of me her and whole life..what will happen when I'm not around? He loves them just as much as I do and I know he would never abuse them but he does tell her I'm a monster and a psycho..I can see she's confused and feels like she has to insult me in order to please him n make him laugh. Any advice?


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