John and I are answering your questions about marriage, parenting, home renovation, routines with young kids and lots more. Grab a cup of coffee and hang out with us or listen while you get stuff done.

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Questions we answered with time stamps:

0:16 Social media can sometimes give the false impression that you have a “perfect” life. What’s a really bad day like in your world, we all have them, and how do you deal with them and/or life’s challenging times?

3:14 What are each of your love languages?

4:58 Have you finished all your home renovations or are there still some things you’d like to change and if so what?

8:02 How do you deal with disagreements in your marriage?


10:27 In what area/topic are the differences between you the biggest? Like does John not eat sugar and you don’t or does he hate cleaning?

14:34 How do you handle a child who tends to be on the messy side without constant nagging?

17:35 Does John care how you decorate the home or does he leave that to you?

20:19 I’m going to be getting new floors and loved yours. I hear people say that darker wood shows everything. Are you still happy with your choice of wood flooring?

21:23 When your boys were younger (middle school range), how did you balance trusting them and allowing them independence with protecting them and maintaining healthy boundaries?

25:43 Does John ever help out with cleaning or cooking? Did he ever when the boys were toddler aged?

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28:33 What did a typical morning/evening routine look like for you when your boys were younger? Did you have any habits of tips you found especially helpful?

31:54 How do you plan for vacations, trips? Do you map out the entire year?

34:44 What TV series are you watching now?

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  1. I love the question on your husband and decor!
    I think it's so respectful to keep your spouse in mind when you are decorating your home. Simply because YES they live there too and they pay for things and they also have to look at it lolol. Compromise is also sometimes necessary 🙂
    I agree the bigger projects like new furniture or remodeling decisions should be made together.

  2. Loved this video. You are John are adorable!! I thought it was so funny when you started listing the shows you watch because those are all the same shows I watch. I didn’t think anyone else was watching reruns of Everybody loves Raymond, king of queens and The Middle, except myself.

  3. When you answer that question about how were the mornings when your boys were younger and you said that they were good sleepers and they would sleep in that just made me think about that verse in the Bible where it says that you will have days of Heaven on Earth, it refers to heaven on Earth in our family life and I can totally see that you do have Days of Heaven on Earth in your family life and I believe it's because you have chosen to put God first in your life and I'm happy for you

  4. Hello Jen. I watched some of your videos yesterday and was so glad to hear that you are a believer. I appreciated it so much when you shared in this one what God's been working on you about!! Thank you for honoring Him and encouraging me and be an example to others in the process! Just wanted to encourage you today! May God continue to bless you as you continue to bless others!

  5. Loved this video of you and John together! Although my absolute favorite video of yours was a DITL video, I believe it was or a cleaning/cooking video that you did a while back and John did the voice over – it was absolutely hilarious!!! But, as far as TV shows that we are currently watching, I’m really into catching up & watching the seasons of “Alaska the Last Frontier.” I pretty much don’t turn the TV on until around 8-9 PM before I go to sleep. My hubby works out of town Monday-Thursday (mind you, his fave shows would not be MY choices, but as “Quality Time” is also my hubby’s top #1 Love Language, I do sacrifice/compromise and watch his faves with him when he is home Thursday-Sunday) and so when he is home – we watch “First 48,” “Live PD,” and from now until November (on Sundays) it’s church and NASCAR racing!Lol We do rent a couple of Redbox movies a couple of weekends a month and watched a good one last night with Denzel Washington (Roman Israel, Esq.)
    That’s us😊 but, I love you both and pray that the Lord continues to bless you both abundantly!! Oh,
    I also forgot to mention that we watch the “Walking Dead” on Sunday nights – I happen to like that show even with all the gore, blood and guts!😳 Lol

  6. You have to watch Longmire on Netflix. It’s awesome and addictive. Give it 2-3 shows to really get into it. I think you and John will love it. My hubs and I binged watched it like mad people! BTW You two are just adorable!


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