Reports describe an increasingly paranoid President Trump after the anonymous NYT op-ed written by a senior WH official. But at a rally in Montana tonight, Trump reflected on impeachment and all the people who say “he’s lost it.” Tim O’Brien and David Frum join Lawrence to discuss.
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President Donald Trump Talks Impeachment, His Own Mental Health | The Last Word | MSNBC

MSNBC : President Donald Trump Talks Impeachment, His Own Mental Health | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. His ego is wounded he is no lion. I have to take a valium every time I see him. He is the threat to democracy he wants to be an autocrat or dictator. All he can talk about is himself and they are all lies. Plus he is terrified of muellar and the investigation of his organization and his businesses (?).

  2. If he lost it, then what dose that say about the last president? He is doing great things in this country, including exposing your fake biased news agency and Brenden is a criminal about to land in prison. Your fake news agency reports lies whilethe public is doing great. MAGA WWG1WGA

  3. Hey I voted trump not because I like him but because I fear Bernie and the atheists(socialists), BLM and SJW more. Lastly, my grad school cohort was full of easily offended snowflakes and their non-stop opining turned me into a trump voter.

  4. Does having absolutely no top lip like that pose some functional issues? Can you normally drink from a glass or must one necessarily use a straw?. Forgive me, Iam not one of those types.


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