In newly released North Korean state media footage, President Trump is seen returning a salute from one of the country’s generals. The video also highlights North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s trip before the historic Singapore summit.
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President Donald Trump Salutes North Korean General In State Media Footage | NBC News

NBC News : President Donald Trump Salutes North Korean General In State Media Footage | NBC News

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  1. aside from saying it like it is, President Trump is a Class Act, and serves the office of POTUS with the distinction it deserves. He's the leader this country has so badly needed, and the team of Hardcore patriotic winners he has put together in his administration is what we need to survive and repair all the damage done by previous presidents in the last several administrations. Thank you for being so gracious mr. President as to allow us in the Oval Office and give the American people the transparency we've never had before.

  2. f Korea is wise, it should remain their nuclear weapons. Korea is getting trapped. I'm not at all for this destructive weapons. We should have none on this earth. However, I understand that Korea is trying to protect itself from what has happened in so many countries. So many countries have been invaded and destroyed by the US and allies/banksters. Governments overthrown and killed. Look at what Trump said this week. The US has to stay dominant even in space!!! If the US has balls, it would show the world a real peace maker by pull back every military base that is not in the US

  3. Lift sanctions on North Korea to make peace will do nothing for the north Korean majority and will on serve to empower Kim Jung Un further. The only way to have true peace and save the north Korean people is with china's help. Oh wait he started a 200 billion dollar trade war with china.


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