President Trump is making an announcement on trade at 11 a.m. in the Oval Office, after tweeting that a “big deal” is “looking good” with Mexico.

The U.S. and Mexico have been negotiating over the North American Free Trade Agreement, and the New York Times reported Monday morning the two nations have reached an agreement to amend key parts of NAFTA.

“A big deal looking good with Mexico!” Mr. Trump tweeted, making no mention of Canada

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CBS News : President Donald Trump announces new trade agreement with Mexico

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  1. I'm all in favor of people coming to my country who want to contribute to our society and embrace our culture.
    These people who come from Mexico have no education, no valuable skills, have no interest in the American way of life and behave like loud, obnoxious animals most of the time. I'm sorry, until you fix your attitude and commit to becoming something better than what you were in your homeland, we don't need or want your kind in my country.

  2. And yet the Orange Buffoon and his lapdog NimRATa Haley, the US representative to the U.N., are both working really hard to Make Apartheid Israel Great Again. To the tune of $5 BILLION American taxpayer money so that the Israelis can slaughter Palestinians in the Gaza Concentration Camp and in the West Bank Apartheid Banthustans.

  3. The “new Nafta” reduces trade. The last 20 Nobel in Economics will tell you that the higher prices this will entail will end up mostly in profits and not wages, but the hurt to consumers will be the source of those higher profits. Just as regressive as the tax cuts financed by deficit and ergo debt, profits are more untaxed than wages and the bigger debt will burden, not the rich, but the middle class primarily. True conservatives have always favored trade, this is opportunism and reality TV imposed on adult people affairs.

  4. Man! US is still winning! Well done President Trump and negotiations team! Dems just cant figure this out, said couldnt happen. Proved them wrong again. Well done US and Mexico! Come on Canada, step it up, lets do this together, join us in a good deal for the 3 North American powers!!

  5. By reading these comments you can see the America is so divided because of a president that has done nothing wrong he is trying to improve this country everyone's bashing him don't want to give him a chance it's really quite sad stand back and let the president do his work after all you didn't mind the eight years that Obama tore the country apart!


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