President Donald Trump condemned the delivery of suspicious packages containing explosive devices to several former and current government officials who are mostly Democrats.
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President Donald Trump: Acts Of ‘Political Violence’ Have No Place In U.S. | NBC News

NBC News : President Donald Trump: Acts Of ‘Political Violence’ Have No Place In U.S. | NBC News

donald trump



  1. Except he endlessly calls the media ‘enemies of the people’. Then when we’re attacked, murdered or threatened with bombs, we get weak hypocrisy from him. Great. Arsehole.

  2. If I were a mindless Zombie chanting "God Bless America" in every post, I would be a Trump supporter. Unfortunately I have a functional brain and a fear that this Zionist reality TV star is going to get us into a war. So I am not a Trump supporter. I think Trump is nothing but a fraud wrapped in the American flag. I am not fooled. I do not trust anything this man says as being true.

  3. All Trump needs to do is look in the mirror to see who's responsible for this. He never takes ANY responsibility for anything and nobody holds him accountable ever. Orrin Hatch just said that Trump should be able to express his frustration because he's always under attack. News flash…so has every other president. His precious slimy ego can't handle criticism. He chose to run for president and didn't think he'd win. So he won and now all he does is complain and play the blame game. You watch…he'll blame the Democrats at his rallies and his deplorable base will just eat it up.

  4. At Trump's next rally, his tone will change and blame CNN, the Obamas, the Clintons, and the others for bringing it on themselves. Say one thing today on "official statements"… rally talk the next day. Why does he even attempt to sugar coat it?

  5. Empty words from a morally bankrupt president. Soros, Clintons, Obama. Connect the dots between evil words and evil deeds. Trump needs to be held accountable for incitement of terrorism! Trump gives accolades to people performing aggressive acts and is vilifying the very same people which are now being targeted by radicals.

  6. The attacks were clearly against enemies of Trump and the GOP! This included Fmr POTUS Obama, The Clintons, Fmr Attny General Eric Holder, George Soros, John Brennan, CNN, etc. The American people are NOT stupid! We will NOT be fooled TWICE! Everyone knows Trump has been inciting political violence since the 2016 campaign! He is a hypocrite! Mueller will soon come out with his findings and every sign points to him having found Trump to have colluded with Russia and That Trump also obstructed justice into the investigation! The DEMOCRATIC congress will then vote to IMPEACH 45! Please remember to VOTE DEM NOVEMBER 2018!!!!!!!!!

  7. I can't even begin to describe how RICH this is coming from him, the primary source in the attempt to demonize any and all Democrats. There are literally no words strong enough for what a complete JOKE this announcement is.

  8. wait, I want to make sure I have this right… Dems go all over TV telling people to commit violence for days and days, then the President condemns the violence today and THAT is what you all have a problem with?

  9. Lol… Trump has been attacking the WaPo inciting violence against journalists and the media and now there's a dead WaPo reporter… international despots and his worshippers are acting on his rhetoric and serving his standards

  10. Coordinated and perfectly timed before the mid-terms? This is clearly a radical left-wing hoax to push voters in November. They've been violent & unhinged since 2016.. and we know Antifa and radical left are very coordinated. You think right wingers would do this now.. while republicans have momentum before an election against people who aren't even running? Nah my money's on hoax!

  11. Who's more corrupt in power between the Republicans and the Democrats?

    “When comparing criminal indictments of those serving in the executive branch of presidential administrations it's so lopsided as to be ridiculous. Yet all I ever hear is how corrupt the Democrats are.

    So why don't we break it down by president and the numbers.

    Obama (D) – 8yrs in office. zero criminal indictments, zero convictions and zero prison sentences. so the next time somebody describes the Obama administration as "scandal free" they aren't speaking wishfully, they're simply telling the truth.

    Bush, George W. (R) – 8yrs in office. 16 criminal indictments. 16 convictions. 9 prison sentences.

    Clinton (D) – 8yrs in office. 2 criminal indictments. one conviction. one prison sentence. that's right nearly 8yrs of investigations. tens of millions spent and 30yrs of claiming them the most corrupt ever and there was exactly one person convicted of a crime.

    Bush, George H. W. (R) – 4yrs in office. one indictment. one conviction. one prison sentence.

    Reagan (R) – 8yrs in office. 26 criminal indictments. 16 convictions. 8 prison sentences.

    Carter (D) – 4yrs in office. one indictment. zero convictions and zero prison sentences.

    Ford (R) – 2 1/2 yrs in office. one indictment and one conviction. one prison sentence. Pardoned Richard Nixon.

    Nixon (R) – 6yrs in office. 76 criminal indictments. 55 convictions. 15 prison sentences.

    Johnson (D) – 5yrs in office. zero indictments. zero convictions. zero prison sentences.
    So, let’s see where that leaves us. in the last 53 years Democrats have been in office for 25 of those years while Republicans held it for 28. in their 25yrs in office Democrats had a total of three executive branch officials indicted with one conviction and one prison sentence. That's one whole executive branch official convicted of a crime in two and a half decades of Democrat leadership.

    In the 28yrs that Republicans have held office over the last 53yrs they have had a total of (a drum roll would be more than appropriate), 120 criminal indictments of executive branch officials. 89 criminal convictions and 34 prison sentences handed down. That's more prison sentences than years in office since 1968 for Republicans. If you want to count articles of impeachment as indictments (they aren't really but we can count them as an action), both sides get one more.

    However, Clinton wasn't found guilty while Nixon resigned and was pardoned by Ford. So, those only serve to make Republicans look even worse.

    With everything going on with Trump and his people right now, it's a safe bet Republicans are gonna be padding their numbers a bit real soon.

    So let's just go over the numbers one more time shall we. 120 indictments for Republicans. 89 convictions and 34 prison sentences. Those aren't "feelings" or "alternate facts" those are simply the stats by the numbers.

    Republicans are, and have been for my entire lifetime, the most criminally corrupt party to hold the office of the presidency.”

  12. We all know when the President of the United States encourages violence against his opponents, folks respond… Trump’s a day late and a dollar short… Should have apologized for his hate filled rhetoric and lies… No one is surprised and everyone says, “Trump”…


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