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  1. Have you seen seen a lot of popular rappers nowadays? They look like a unicorn took a shit on their head, then kicked them in the face, and then they went to the grocery store and covered their faces with temporary tattoos out of the 25¢ machine at the exit.

  2. Clearly you haven’t seen Post Malone.

    Dude looks like he lost a drunk bet, and then negotiated his way into double-or-nothing, which he then also lost.

    ^(Edit: awesome. I’ve been on this site for over 8 years, and my two highest rated comments of all time are now about hentai and ugly soundcloud rappers.)

  3. Dude is this seriously how far /r/pics has fallen? A picture of a stupid bumper sticker that reeks of a /r/lewronggeneration attitude makes the front page? Gee fucking willikers.

  4. Literally only the pop genre is dominated by attractive musicians. Every other genre no one really cares for looks, they care about talent. Which makes sense considering pop music is tailor made for the lowest common denominator type people.


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