Editor-at-large at DailyMail.com Piers Morgan joins ‘Hannity,’ saying that screaming at the president and playing the celebrity card doesn’t work.

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Fox News : Piers Morgan on Hollywood’s hatred of Trump

donald trump



  1. At this point some of those opinions might seem more reasonable than they did a few months ago. And Mr Morgan seems to forget something crucial. He talks about respect. I have always been of the school that respect is earned. Now attacking Admiral William Mc Craven. Attacking the independent judiciary. Talking endlessly and not very eloquently about his achievements. ..which economically are dubious actually. Obama did most of the hard miles after the republicans left America in a terrible mess after 2008. Trump has ridden those tailwinds. But now suddenly economists are rather worried about America going forward. Stock Exchanges go up and down like tower Bridge. And the man seems to have no grasp whatsoever of foreign policy. Now as a fellow Brit I concede Piers that currently we haven't got much to crow about. But to make out as if this man is doing a decent job is just nonsense.

  2. Depp says he's not an actor…how true!!!! Deniro you just exposed your low class background and lack of education….playing the boxer that kicked off your career was type casting, you've been playing the same role all your life. Madonna…well lets face it, your brains are were they've always been, in your oversized caricature bra's also low bred background like Dinero

  3. Why doesn't Morgan talk about his strong anti gun views on FOX News? And when Ben Shapiro kicked him in the balls.
    And the only reason he loves Trump is because he won 'Celebrity Apprentice'. What a desperate attempt to stay relevant.

  4. PIERS MORGAN, one of the most disgusting "Journalists" around AFTER BEING A SPOKESMAN FOR THE LEFT trying his luck DEFENDING TRUMP?! FFS! This guy will sell his mom if that would make him be in front of cameras again. LOOOOOOSSSSEEEERRRRRRRRRRR!

  5. Celebrities are all pampered spoiled overpaid morons, they have no idea how the real world works, they get overpaid to read lines on a script and somehow think that gives them the authority to tell us, the public, who they think we should vote for. Robert Dinro plays gangster roles in his movies and somehow thinks he's a real life bad ass.


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