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  1. Everytime I see baby pictures of the boys I start getting emotional lol omg it's so crazy how I've seen them grow up and I can't till Homegirl is here I know it's going to be water works again lol I just love your family and may God continue to bless you all💕

  2. Love it and by the way I’m new to your channel. I love your beautiful family. I’m a parent of a beautiful smart toddler and I’m always looking for advices on how and what I can do for my child 👶😘😘😘 again thank you 😊

  3. Was i supposed to cry 🤧😭😭 i love you guys and i support every commercial you make!

    Please go to dollar tree and buy the dust pan with the long handle so you won’t have to bend down or bend over 🙃

  4. LOVE the fact that EACH child has their OWN individual time. It's VERY important to allow them the experience. As a young, single mom, that is something that I struggled with because I was working full time and going to school. I think, to this day, that my older daughter, my oldest child, wasn't allowed the individual time that she needed! AWESOME that you recognize this while they are young! AWESOME message!!!!!

  5. Soooo what y’all ain’t go do is have me over her teary eyed and talking to my phone saying awww over a 2 minute video. This was ABSOLUTELY beautifullllll 😩🙌🏾 your so pretty Tiff. TJ on them edits tho.

  6. While I dont personally care for Johnsons products, i absolutely LOVE this family and this video! So so so precious! The meaning behind it all is everything <3 And TJ your skills are amazing! extraordinary job on this video!!!!!!Beautiful 💜

  7. Absolutely Beautiful Tiffany! I love the quality time you and TJ spend with your boys. I truly feel like Babygirl will be a Lil Beautiful Princess from day one, with three of the Cutest Princes to protect and serve her. They're all also Blessed to have the most Caring and Loving King and Queen to guide them towards a most beautiful Christian life. I love you family 💞


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