Our cat had all four roommates feeding him each day because he acted like he was starving and we didn’t know that the other roommate already fed him. This was our solution, hopefully he will slim down a bit.

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  1. We solved the same problem by getting a feeder with a timer. Three times a day, he gets a little kibble. No more begging. Although, I have caught him sleeping with his face in the out-bowl a few times.

  2. It’s strange, every cat i’ve ever owned has always had a constant supply of food so they can eat whenever they want, and none have ever gotten over-weight. All indoor cats too. I wonder if it’s because they never felt they needed to overeat as they knew the food would always be there? Maybe i’ve just been lucky.

  3. Heard a guy in the cat food section at the grocery store talking to his friend on the phone, apparently their cat hadn’t eaten in 3 days because they each thought the other guy was feeding it.

  4. My pug does this. Multiple past roommates and my last boyfriend would get tricked by him pretending to have not been fed after I’d leave for work. I only caught on that he was being double fed when I tried to put his harness on his fat body one day and it wouldn’t do up.

    Recently he will pretend that he needs to go outside just to get the treat he gets when he comes back in. Even if we JUST got back from a walk. So we had to only give him treats after walks, not just the quick outside trips. And only if he poops. He actually knows the rules, but always tries his luck to break them. Whatever he can do to get more food.

    This dog is so much smarter than anyone thought and he keeps surprising me after nine years of having him. I don’t know many dogs who understand the concept of lying, but my pug has got it down.

    Sneaky little shit. He’s lucky he is so fucking cute.

  5. Something I learned from a breeder was that if you buy high protein cat food your cats eat less and also poop less. While it is more expensive, you want to look for cat food that has meat as its primary ingredients. If you see grain, peas, potatoes or some other form of carbohydrate listed as the first or second ingredient, you don’t want it.

    Even though they cost more (and the bags are a little smaller than standard cat food), when you figure out how much you are stretching the feeding, and the litter, you come out ahead financially. Plus, its better for your cats.

  6. Nice. We had to do the same thing. We had a cat in our house of 6 roomies and she didn’t actually belong to any of us. She just came with the place. She pulled the same shit your cat does so we had to put a calendar up over her dish and write check mark each day.

  7. When we lived with my in laws for about 5 months last year, my cat would get fed 4-5 times a day. Father in law would feed 1/2 can at 530 am and leave for work, we would all get up for work and head out around 715 and he’d get fed because we never knew if he had been fed and he’d scream like he was so starving… run like the devil to the kitchen and try to trip us.

    Then, he would pester my mother in law around noon when she’d wake up, and she thought no one had fed him and she’d give him a WHOLE CAN 🤦🏻‍♀️. Then 5pm, father in law would come home, feed 1/2 can. And depending on what time we got home, if no one was around, he’d get fed one more time.

    Two cans (edit: 3 actually, because apparently a degree does not mean I know how to count) …. daily….for about 3 months. He got reeeeeal chunky and I couldn’t figure out why…. then we all discovered we’d been duped.

    Asshole. He went on a diet when we moved out. Lol.

  8. Hahahaha. Oh this is fantastic!

    It’s just me and my boyfriend as pet parents, but she still tries to play us. I’ll go to bed after her normal PM feeding time and the boyfriend will feed her like 2 hours later because she’s acting like she’s starving and I’m a terrible cat mom who forgot to feed her. Tricky cat I tell ya.

  9. My cat just screams about being able to see the bottom of her bowl. So I add more food and she doesn’t even want it. Then she screams about wanting human food and if I offer her anything, she doesn’t want it.

  10. My (feral) cat won’t eat kibble. Asshole looks at me like I poisoned her, then runs off. Only eats wet food, and particular about what food. She won’t eat seafood flavored, or some brands, she likes the fancy shit. Damn asshole for a feral cat lol, yet I still feed her lol


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