Parents-to-be…Having trouble trying to decide what to add to your baby shower registry?
No fear, Lifehacker rounded up a list of new parent must-haves if you’re expecting a new tiny little human.
Their list was compiled by members of their Facebook parenting group, so you know that it’s the real deal.
Some of their products, which may not always be found in the baby section include:
1.Taggies (prices vary): A teething lifesaver
Kaila M. explains, “…My kid will find the tag on anything and everything and start chewing away! Never mind the toy itself. She’s obsessed. And apparently a lot of other kids are too.”
2. Puppy Pads, $17.99: A lifesaver for potty training
Alanna D. admits, “We put them on the couch during that first weekend of potty training (week, really). They saved my couch from several accidents!”
3. Salt Lamp, $11: A lifesaver for late night/early morning feedings
Chelsea F. says, “The dimmer lets me adjust it slowly and it has a nice range or bright-dim. The color doesn’t bother our eyes in the middle of the night and it’s just plain soothing.”

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