Video has surfaced of a New York City attorney caught in a racist rant at a restaurant this week. Attorney Aaron Schlossberg has been caught on video in tirades before.
Full story here:

ABC7 News Bay Area : NY attorney in ‘racist rant’ shamed on social media, kicked out of office



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  1. Wow……..he should've learned to respect the Latin culture instead he wanted to flaunt his feelings of partiality…..Sad……all that hard work to become a lawyer and now it's backfiring on him………i always found foreign languages fascinating

  2. What is so disgusting? At least he has the balls to speak up. Where is our 1st amendment, does it no longer exist. To get kicked out of the office, losing his job. According to the 1st amendment, freedom of an individual shall articulate their opinion and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship or sanction. With all this media hype regarding this attorney he is definitely being retaliated against.

  3. My parents came here from Italy in '56 they learned English but still spoke Italian outside as they we're free to. it's impolite to talk and keep others out of the knowledge base. The guy is young, a professional, and frankly competing under nyc duress – if this isn't contrived, give him a break. It's annoying to not know whats going on. This is the USA so we have two languages American English and Brooklyn English.

  4. English wasn't the de facto language until 1930… and that was mainly for news and broadcasting purposes. Take a quick history lesson here folks. Before the USA was established, we had non-whites living here (natives). Along came Spanish, French, Germans and YES even some Arabs. The 13 colonies were eventually settled and established, but only about 1.5% of the populous were white British, English speaking people. The colonies enlisted the help of those who came here before to help build their society. From that time till about the late 1800s, most people spoke German. You think just because Gone With The Wind was an English film, that everyone at that time also ONLY spoke English? Nope nope nope! They all mostly still spoke German until the early 1900s. Even then, English was only mainstreaming in Schools (teachers teaching classes in English), radio broadcasts and other media. When people went home, they spoke non-English. Many businesses catered to the French. Take a look at Early Los Angeles, tons of French establishments… and they're still in business today. English never really became "the only official language".. it wasn't until 2006 that the Government was the only required entity to use English (for mandates, ordinances and presentation of laws to the public). Businesses can do business in any language they want, however they risk losing customers only catering to 1 specific language, so they are mostly all bilingual. There's money to be made, so doing business with everyone and anyone is key. There's no room for division in a world where money is your God. You make it work or get left behind.

  5. The man was a government patsy. You think he's out of a job? He's going to higher places because his handlers are still using him. The BBQ lady is the same. She is a government agent sent in to incite the race war. In all the history of the world, no citizenry ever waged war against another citizenry. It's always been the Governments behind wars and conflicts. It's by design. Divide and conquer. Wanna end this? Throw a coup against the United States Government. This is becoming a very hot topic and is spreading like wildfire. March a few hundred men into DC, arrest the administration. Lock'em up or execute'em… whichever…. as long as they're out of the picture and don't interfere with the new Republic. Disband the UN, Federal Reserve, SIS, CIA, FBI, NSA, Trilateral Commission, Masonic Lodges and other round table alphabets. Get rid of this poison. There's literally nothing to stop anyone from doing this, except that they are too comfortable.. step up folks.

  6. This PC nonsense is going overboard. What this attorney said is exactly right. Where is the MSM when all these illegals come to the US and get all the freebies from taxpayers?!!! Enough is enough – time to push back and hard.

  7. you never seen anyone act like this in real life?! r u kidding me? where do u live? go make a comment to a <u-know> young lady here in DC Metro about her having her feet on the seat next to her and you will hear even "better" rhetoric…


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