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  1. I know this isn’t the point you’re making, but I was a child of the 90s, I was vaccinated, and I did get the measles.

    I found out recently that because of my case the entire school had to be revaccinated.

    Pretty wild stuff!

  2. In Australia there were some measles outbreaks following the anti-vaxxer movement got a bit of a following.

    Governemnt then cut welfare for anyone who didn’t vaccinate their children. Measles was just last week declared to have been wiped out in Australia.

    The solution’s there.

  3. Schools would allow parents like two months to get your child up to date (but they had to have a healthy, recent physical), once that time passed, child is banned from school. But law also required child to attend school, and truancy officers would eventually contact parents resulting in a child neglect charge. County offered the vaccinations for free, so cost was not a factor.

  4. Born in the mid 90’s, got vaccinated at school. 1 kid couldn’t do it because of an allergy, 1 kid did it at the doctor’s because needles made them cry. Everyone else got stuck in the arm and only 40% of us got Autism.

  5. At the elementary school I work out, we are about to find out who all of those kids are that their parents haven’t taken them for all of their shots because the “deadline” is this week. If a kid doesn’t have their shots, then they are suspended until it’s taken care of. That’s my understanding at least.

  6. Remember is was thought that you were being injected with the ‘shopping drug’?

    People thought that because you got your flu shot before Christmas, that the government was injecting you with a drug that would make you spend more money than you planned. Because yeah. That’s what important to the government

  7. I was born in ’78. I never knew not being vaccinated was even an option until 5 years ago. I always assumed it was just a mandatory childhood thing like eye exams, uncle Bob’s Sunday touchy closet, hearing tests, and twice a year dental checkups.

  8. When was it mandatory? I mean most schools still require an update immunization record, though in several states it’s easy to opt out for basically any reason.

  9. It’s because of that stupid paper being published with the guy who fabricated data to show that vaccines cause autism.

    Cause his son was autistic and couldn’t handle not being a logical reason why..

  10. I’m in that awkward stage being born in 2002 where we don’t relate to 90’s kids but also vaccines were still mandatory and nobody’s parents were stupid enough to believe they were causing autism or allergies or something

  11. Not so fun fact:

    Any vaccinated person that spends an appreciable amount of time with an individual infected with measles has a 5% chance of getting it!

    Now you might be saying “well then why get the vaccine in the first place”, and that’s because for an unvaccinated person, that number jumps to a whopping 95%!

    Get vaccinated people, unless you want to die like your great-great grandparents did.

  12. I’m the kid of the 70s and 80s and went they bootcamp in the 90s and after 9/11 worked for the clinic vaccinating personnel that is going to be operating in weird placed. I’m vaccinated for things I don’t even know about.

  13. Anti-vaxxers are the one group of people I refuse to not confront from the moment I find out they’re antivaxxers. I think the child should be removed from the parents and I let them know every time I come into contact with them.

    I think they suffer from some kind of parent anxiety and are just obsessively careful and vulnerable to Alex Jones style conspiracies.

  14. I got suspended for two weeks of seventh grade, the first two weeks at a new school in a new province after leaving Quebec, because I had a severe egg allergy and thus couldn’t get a lot of the immunizations at the time. I had to get my medical records in order to be allowed back in, but because of the cross province move, it took forever fr the school to get them. It was super fun being the new kid and also behind.

  15. Why are only American kids allergic to peanuts in such large numbers? Why only recently?
    If it were genetic, wouldn’t it be more prevalent in other countries or have been more of an issue in the past?

  16. Bullshit.

    We were getting vaccinations for that back in the 70’s and still got measles.

    In the 80’s it was vaccinated for and kids still got it.

    90’s? Kids still got it.

    That shot doesnt give you 100% immunity, it provides a low level dosage of one particular strain of measles to help build up “some” resistance to it.

    “No one” implies 100% immunity which just doesnt fuckin happen in reality. Sorry.


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