Thanks to everyone who chipped into the GoFundMe campaign, and thanks to Big Clive and Brian Benchoff for ringing the bell!
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Fran Blanche : No Mortgage For FranLab



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  1. Move to the Midwest and buy a place outright. Simple. 350k in rent just to stay in an area? Foolish.
    Everything you do is online why does it matter that much. We will love your work regardless of where you are. Happiness is inside. Not geographic

  2. Please keep the go fund me account open.
    It's to help you. Period.
    For use at your discretion.

    I've just discovered your channel.
    I'm also a designer and builder of electronic gizmos but I lean towards tube guitar amps, ham radio gear and Theremins.

  3. You can get a loan from a bank if you have a cosigner that can show steady income, etc. That relieves them of the perceived risk. Second, you should be looking at relocating to a state without income tax- that will save you significantly from here on out both in expense and hassle. Lastly, although you will feel a hit on monies gained via gofundme now, because you are being taxed at a higher rate than you normally would, you should get some of that back in the form of a tax refund, which can help you in the following year. New Hampshire is a state without state income tax- perhaps that would work for you. As for an accounting of how you spend the money, I don't really think any funders care- their concern is that you successfully get moved.

  4. Good luck. I feel your pain. Don't give up. Just keep checking your options. I won't bore you with a personal story of overcoming a similar situation. But believe me you will get a place and even buy one. It just takes thick skin and a lot of work.

  5. Gotta love how people claim that everyone has a fair chance, yet anyone who decides to do it themselves and are successful at it are punished by being unable to secure the loans that the rest of society are granted by default.
    I am a freelance programmer, and no banks will touch me with a 12 foot pole, that is, if I can even open a bank account. This country really has it out for people who have the audacity to have enough ambition to work for themselves.

  6. @Fran – Good luck with all the nasty ups and downs of running a business.
    For myself, I wouldn't bother with a mortgage for a "business location". After having a home mortgage for 30 years, I regretted not renting.

  7. Fran its a shame you didnt decide to move your buisness overseas, i just came across a Factory Unit located in Istanbul for sale that is 842squaremeters/9063squarefeet in size for the sum of about $20,000 USD. I know the cost of moving overseas to a foreign country would be quite a daunting task, but the plus side would have been that the Utilities like Electricity/Water/Gas/Internet would have also cost way less.

  8. banks dont lone to the self employedc due to the banks funding the mainstream employers eg they already beleave they have youre market and its bad competition against there established investment, the go fund me is for fran lab maybe 10k could buy a small plot of land with shed as a workshop see whare youre at at the final days of the go fund me then see if it can buy sutch a thing

  9. Is youtube your main income or do you have a job? If you don't have a job you arn't tied to a specific location, I would try to find a rural property that is super cheap. The actual move might cost more but you'd save in the long run. It's unfortunate to be in this situation though where you can't own.

  10. This is a ridiculous situation, a Mortgage is a secured loan on the property. So why can't they take the "risk"? But then again we found out a few years back that the banks don't know what they are doing!


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