Need a mental ad blocker

Need a mental ad blocker

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  1. Not even a joke one time I was thinking about getting a new certain model of a guitar brand yet never searched it or audibly said anything to anyone. I saw the add for the certain guitar model on Google that day after never having seen an ad for it before. True shit idk how it happened haha

  2. this is so true, i got a new phone and i just logged into instagram and was spammed with ads about getting a case for my phone, like excuse me… how the hell do you know that i got a new phone, and how the hell do you know what phone it is rhinoshield. HMMMMMMMMM…….


  3. I hadn’t told anyone over messages, I didn’t look it up or anything but one day I decided to buy pre-work out for the first time just because I decided why not. Paid for it with cash, used it a couple times and then one night ,at a little get together I was throwing, I was telling some of my friends about how great it was then later on that same night I saw two pre-work out ads on Reddit. I never googled anything, messaged anyone, didn’t buy it with a card, I don’t follow any weight lifters or anything and I come across an ad after a mere hour of talking about pre workout. I’m convinced my phone listens to me constantly

  4. I guess its just random shit that happens due to the human mind being really predictable for some ai and us remembering that shit for years. But one day i thought something like: Why arent there magentic bearings? And the next fucking day there is a fucking ad for magnetic bearings..

  5. I picked up some gift wrapping paper at costco and before I even went to check out I had suggestion from google assistant if I needed gift wrapping paper. It was so freaky, I had my phone out texting my wife when I picked up the wrapping paper. I honestly thought the phone was spying on me

  6. Just fyi you can install both on iOS and android local vpn apps that run in the background and block ads. Almost as easy to setup as adblock on chrome, I use AdBlock for iOS, they have all the popular filters. And yes it blocks ads from normal apps and browser app.

  7. I research everything I buy. Obsessively. Actually it’s gotten to the point where I could conclude that shopping is a hobby just because of the amount of time, reviews, and YouTube videos I’ll watch on whatever it is I’m thinking of purchasing. I have actually conducted my own semi-study of this phenomena that we are talking about here. The first time it happened was with a backpack. Hadn’t looked it up or even begun to shop but I had a style in mind. Military molle style bag for work and work supplies. Not even a day later those exact bags are all my pop up ads are. That got me into testing this. I’ve had some absolutely obscure items I intend to buy be targeted at me and I know there’s something to this.

  8. How about when you think of something you haven’t in a long time and google it, before you even get 3 letters out, it autocompletes it.

    I find it funny, but also very scary.


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