NAP CHAT: Answering some of your questions about how we choose to parent our children.

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  1. Talking to Lennon is definitely what has contributed to her wonderful communication skills. A lot of parents make the mistake of talking for their kids…like they point at juice and they go oh you want juice so their kid doesn't talk because well they don't need to lol
    I feel like having learning songs on in the background when you're doing anything helps too. The little 2 year old I look after can count to 20 and is counting backwards from 7 because I always have super simple songs on in the background when we are colouring or playing. Sometimes they stay on even after she leaves lol

  2. I've been both the full time mom, and the mom who has to work a full time job. Each has its struggles. Since I work a full time job now I tend to give in more easily to little requests, like cookies, than when I didn't have a full time job away from home. You have to pick your battles and everyone has their limits. I still stick to my basic principal though, if I say an action will have a negative affect, and give the consequences , I stick by it. I never give consequences that are not appropriate or reasonable. Lack of screen time/internet seems to be a consequence that lasts for years. And it is more of an inconvenience and annoyance to teens. Enjoy the exhausting and wonderful time with your toddler and babies. It's pretty simple now, no matter how much lack of sleep and tired you are. You have such a wonderful family and support system.

  3. I have a son who is a few months younger than Lenon. Listening to Jordon Peterson my husband and Ihave learn a lot. One of the best pecies of advice we got from his is "don't let your child get away with anything that makes you dislike them." It is easy in the moment to just deal with it but slowly those actions get under your skin and you could end up blowing up at them over something that they didn't do wrong. But if you nip it in the bud from the beginning that won't be an issue. Another thing that has worked out great for us is understanding "path of least resistence."So as soon as he does something we don't want him to do, we tell him no, if he keeps doing it we give him a time out. He is very good at understanding why he is being disciplined when we do. It shows him if he just obeys, that is the easiest way to get what he wants.
    I also think it is good to understand that children naturally develop at different rates and you never know what they are going to absorb. It is ok if your child is slower in some areas than another kid. They all eventually get there.

  4. You guys have a great platform to promote some good positive lgbt visibility but you seem to be very very quiet about being gay, it's not a criticism in any way but I'm just curious as you seem to be almost the straightest gay couple I've ever seen, do you take Lennon to pride etc to allow her to see that other kids have same sex parents for instance, or do you have other gay couples as friends etc

  5. Would you two ever take your kids to a local pride parade? How do you deal with other children asking Lennon about her moms and the “non traditional” parents? I hope to one day have kids myself but worry what other parents/kids might say to my family about the lack of a father figure

  6. This sounds like my exact parenting style! I completely agree with the talking to babies normally and about everything you’re doing! My three babies talked way early and had awesome speech and I think it’s all because of that!

  7. i believe you both have different parenting skills.. But it's good to know that you always have balance (one parent a little stricter than the other) but still with consistency (common goal). What is important is you two stand firm and NOT contradict each other. I see parents make that common mistake and it confuses the child and sides are taken. Not good. Lennon's grown up really well and as they say, you can see how effective you are with the way your child/children grow up into the world. So… Kudos to you both!!! Love and blessings always sent your way!!! ❤️🌹

  8. Maybe can you talk about your experience on unsolicited parenting advice from strangers / friends / relatives? Or parenting as a competition? I don't have children, but from what I've heard it can get as far as "who throws the best birthday parties" or "whose child gets to eat the healthiest meals" etc.
    I'd love to hear if you've ever been in situations like that and how you deal with it 🙂 xx

  9. You both are great parents… the way you talk to you Lennon is the exact same way I used to talk to my daughter and she was an early speaker to just like Lennon… parenting is never easy but you both are doing great you should be very proud of yourselves!

  10. I don't think it matters if parents have the same parenting styles or not, but I think the teamwork is important. And backing up each other's decisions, regardless of what they are, because undermining each other is a recipe for disaster.

  11. Y'all certainly are not strict. I don't know if I've ever seen one of y'all discipline her. I also think some parenting decisions come from the way you were patented.
    I said I would never say
    Because I said so
    But I have and sometimes it IS because I'm the parent and I said so.
    You can't stop and always have a conversation. Like in a dangerous situation and they are saying

  12. I really enjoyed listening to this! Though I’m not a mommy yet, I teach preschool, so I’ve often thought about how my teaching style will have an effect on my eventual parenting style


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