My son has loved my cat since the day he was born. She tolerates that love in a way I never thought possible.

My son has loved my cat since the day he was born. She tolerates that love in a way I never thought possible.

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  1. [Their relationship in one picture]( She’s not even mad here. That’s just her face. I got her from the pound when she was a few years old. I have had her 11 years and through a million moved and boyfriends and now she gets to be with me as I live a sedate life as a mom/wife. Don’t overlook adult cats! She is the best impulse buy of my life. Photos are mine taken by @caseyraephoto on insta

  2. I’ve said it before on reddit.

    Cats don’t just want to go outside. They want to go outside WITH YOU. They want to explore with you and play in the grass with you and nap in the sun with you. When I figured that out I started taking a blanket into the front yard and my cat and I would lay out there while I played with my laptop and he scratched at the trees.

    Looks like Op’s son has figured that out.

  3. sometimes we get in trouble just because we’re very small,

    we maybe leave our pawprints on the floor or on the wall

    or maybe spill our food out of our dish upon the floor

    or when we get a treat it’s not enough, n we want more

    if you ever feel like you have tried to do the best you could,

    but realize it’s not quite right, cuz it’s hard to be good –

    jes know there’s always me here, fren – life sometimes is a test

    you’re perfect in my eyes, my boy, n i love you the best

  4. Reminds me of my son and my cat, Hoover. My son is always chasing him around and trying to pet him, sometimes a little too rough. Hoover tolerates it most of the time.

  5. My boy was a rescue cat. I think he tolerated me because he trusted me, but wasn’t ever really affectionate. That was until my little girl was born; he had finally found his human.

    He was 8kgs of part feral beast, unfriendly to almost everyone, and barely tolerating those of us he liked, but his girl; he adored.

    I would often find her sitting on him and “reading”. She would pull his whiskers and when she released them, he would bunt her from head to tail, miaow as if to say “are you coming?” and wait for her to crawl after him. He slept under her bed, cot, and next to her capsule. He would wait by the door when we left and miaow at me until he could smell her when we came home, making sure she was safe.

    He adored her. Rescue cats are the best.

  6. My parents had a cat named CJ when I was born. This cat loved me and I loved the cat.

    My grandmother said that when she came to help my mom after they came home from the hospital with me, CJ didn’t leave her alone with me if my mom was out of the room. CJ just sat directly in front of my grandmother and starred her down.

    When I was able to sleep with CJ and not risk suffocation, my parents say she allowed me to treat her like a stuffed animal.

    The story of CJ is one of a truck stop box kitten. Somewhere on the side of a California highway, my dad heard her call.

  7. She has a “tortitude”. We have a fat tortie as well, and she ONLY loves my 9yo son, she will kill anyone else with a look, but runs to his bed and waits for him and even will bath his head, blech

    The tortitude in tortishell cats is truth.

  8. My cat, Snuggles, was my best friend in the whole world. She stumbled into my life when I was 2 years old and she was a tiny abandoned kitten from a factory. She had made it all the way across the main road just to find us.
    We had the best adventures! We would go to space in Rockets out of cardboard boxes, Report the news on tv’s out of cardboard boxes, we made our own dens and went camping in the front room, we would sit outside in the rain under a huge umbrella on top of the coal bunker thinking about our next adventure together.
    She was the best cat in the world.

    Your little boy is going to have the most wonderful memories of his lovely friend.

  9. Well I must share about my Ollie. He was born March 23rd of this year. I got him from the Human Society. He was fostered from his 2nd day of birth. Neutered.
    So. He has this thing he does. He burrows his head into my neck and just stays there. Purrs and drools. Yes that’s right: drools *like a river* drools. During the whole time I am talking sweet to him…very softly. This lasts about 5 minutes and afterwards? My whole shirt is soaked. At his 1st year appt w/Vet? I asked her about it thinking something was wrong. She got this softest look in her face and said “he just really, really loves you” and I know it. When I cut his nails? He stays still and if I look down at him? He is looking deep into my eyes w/this look of trust that’s unnerved me. I love Ollie. Sadly, he won’t sleep w/me at night.
    I used to yell at him “I’m going to get a dog Ollie that will sleep w/me” or “Okay, we’re getting another cat”. Not even threats worked, lol. So I ran into a friend who’s foster cat (6mos) was terrorizing her two very small dogs. As she described it: my little dogs used to walk around w/their tails waging and happy and after the kitten started wanting to play…they walked around w/their tails down and fearful every minute. I felt so bad and I thought Ollie and I could use another………
    So now I also have Mr. Baby. He was taken from a hoarder (62 cats) and was so covered w/fleas they couldn’t tell he was a Ginger. He and Ollie and best of buds. Sadly? Mr. Baby doesn’t like sleeping w/me either, lmao. Oh well. I’ve adjusted. hahahaha

    Thanks for letting me share.

  10. Sorta reminds me of Grawp from Harry Potter. Imagine having this thing around that’s twice your size and very clumsy, but you know it’s full of love and doesn’t mean you any harm.

  11. Your post made me tear up. The photo and story are so beautiful and I completely agree…older animals are amazing and have so much love to give!!! I hope you frame that photo, it really is lovely 😊😻


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