My neighbor has life-size models of Mike and Sully in his upstairs guest room.

My neighbor has life-size models of Mike and Sully in his upstairs guest room.

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  1. I have these in my house too! We won a Toys R Us raffle years ago. My mom just did it for fun because she thought there was no way she’d actually win, yet here were are….

    Edit: I’ve included proof. Sulley is leaning really bad and Mike is wearing my brothers hat from his pimp costume from years ago. I left Mike’s hand out of frame because the dog chewed it up.

    Edit: I’ve noticed a lot of hilarious comments about the books. While it is indeed true Sulley is learning to code, it’s also a support system cause dude is leaning so bad.

  2. Reportedly, his wife is upset that he doesn’t pack them up and put them in the storage unit he got them from. She was quoted as saying “Put that thing back where it came from or so help me!”

  3. There is a house in Houston, Bingle @ Westview. Is this it? Looks similar… they’ve had various Pixar stuff there for years now, I always assumed it was owned by the parents of someone who works for Pixar. Google Maps says it is a museum now, wtf?

    Edit: apparently there are a lot of houses like this.

  4. A house in my city has lifesize cut outs of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones from the Men In Black movie in their window. It’s on a main street so it’s really well known around the city. They put Santa hats on them and such for holidays, the house has been sold over the years and each new owner has kept the tradition alive. It’s pretty cool

  5. Story time, oh boy. I worked in a movie theater when Monsters Inc came out and they shipped these two as a display. We were told they were really expensive and to keep people off them. Well, a few days into having them I’m working the snack bar when I see this kid about 15 going at a full run into the lobby. Before I can say anything he does a full-on ninja kick right into Sully and continues full speed out the doors. He broke the body off its legs and one arm ripped off.

    Later, after Mcgivering they thing back together, they put caution tape around it. It looked really bad till it was finally shipped off. Packing tape and tent spikes did a number on the holder of the Scare Record. I think the theater got charged for not protecting it.

  6. My family had these two as well years back! We won them in a raffle at a Children’s hospital. Soon after winning them and taking them home however, someone stole them out of our backyard before we moved them inside. Mike’s hand is detachable and it must have fallen off while the thieves were taking it, because we found it in place of where they stood the morning after they must’ve been taken. We still have no idea who stole them, and I don’t even know where Mike’s hand ended up. I’ll try to find a picture of them for proof and add them onto this comment in an edit when I find one.

    EDIT: Here we go – That didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would. It’s not the highest quality picture in the world, but it’s what I could find. This was back in November 2010.


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