My mom would wait till we got ours to put the tree up.

My mom would wait till we got ours to put the tree up.

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  1. That’s really shitty. The US Education System doesn’t value us enough to teach us properly and engage with us. Grades are virtually meaningless, but we put all our weight on them to value our kids

  2. I read it as ‘started talking down the christmas tree’…like his report card was so good that she went crazy and started telling the tree to be better, more like him…

  3. My white friends would always look at me like I was crazy when I told them that if I didn’t get good grades (at least a B or higher) I wouldn’t get a Christmas. It happen to my older brother. He came home with two Ds and my parents warned him but he thought they were just playing. Come Christmas day everyone is taking turns opening their gifts and my brother dead ass had nothing. He had to sit and watch everyone enjoy their Christmas and then had to clean up all the wrapping paper. Needless to say, next year he had straight A’s in every class.

  4. It’s annoying how parents will react like this instead of finding out why their child is doing poorly and working with them to improve things. Doing things like this just makes the kid feel like shit even more.

  5. I spent ages 13-17 grounded for grades. I didn’t go outside, play games or even ride my bike for almost 5 years. Just forced to come home and sit in my room and do homework. Looking back I think I had ADHD or something undiagnosed causing me to fail school.

  6. Way to show your kids what’s really important. Love and familial closeness? Nah get your grades up and then you can have some of that.

    I’m not trying to be harsh like you can take away his presents or otherwise punish him but this? Really? Maybe it’s just me but I feel like that’s getting your priorities mixed up a bit.

    Christmas is about celebrating family. Taking that away should be over some doing hard drugs or gangbanging type of shit, not academics.

  7. This is just sad to me. My kids are so young still but if they ever start doing this poorly in school I would have to wonder where I fucked up/didn’t support them enough rather than punish them so harshly.


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