My home country's road...

My home country’s road…

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  1. Fuck you New Orleans pot holes. Y’all ruined a niggas suspension more than once

    Edit: just want to give major props to Arizona roads. Sure it be hot as shit and your tires might melt, but those are low key some smooth ass roads

    Edit: you ever hit a pot hole so hard that you just know in your heart that something in you car broke

  2. Slightly offtopic. Do you guys really have potholes in america?

    Because, I am Indian and over here we have this image of USA of a perfect first world country with top notch civic amenities and perfect infrastructures. Where peoples’ dream come true.

  3. Me in my tractor trailer when I forget to get in the left lane on 66E in Virginia at that first bridge around the 10 mile marker. Cars probably don’t notice it but it throws a truck driver around especially if his trailer is empty.


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