My great-grandmother and me in the same spot 89 years apart!

My great-grandmother and me in the same spot 89 years apart!

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  1. you should go back and take a picture from the ramp on the other side, so that you can piece your photo together with your grandmas like you’re sitting 89 years apart!

  2. People doubting this are insanely skeptical for little reason.

    nearly 90 years apart fellas, do you understand how much industrial revolution has taken place since then? Do you realize the amount of construction has undergone since then? I’m sure they just changed it little by little as the years went on, because that happens sometimes. That’s why your grandparents can tell you about all the shops that got replaced with new ones in their hometowns from when they were younger, because things change as the world continues.

    Skepticism is great, but sometimes you gotta tone the dial down and appreciate something that’s just kinda cool!

  3. This is beautiful! There is something very powerful about being in the same spot where you know your ancestors have been, without whom you wouldn’t even exist. Thanks for sharing!

    (On that note, I really need to go to Manchester sometime …)

  4. Is that place sinking?

    She looks shorter then her great grandma but they are both sitting on the same part of the ledge, her feet touched the ground and her great grand nanny ain’t.


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