My Grandad paying his respects to his commanding officer who didn’t come home with them

My Grandad paying his respects to his commanding officer who didn’t come home with them

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  1. by chance was that a lieutenant thomas fowler? i tried to google search Lt. P.C.Y Fowler and came back with nothing. it would be nice to have a site dedicated to putting the basic service info regarding the interred soldiers at memorial sites.

  2. That’s really sweet. My cousin took my Granda over so he could visit the graves of his fellow Gordon Highlanders but he couldn’t remember any first names so he just drove my cousin insane.

    I miss him so much.

  3. This reminds me of the end of Saving Private Ryan when he goes to visit Capt. Miller’s grave. WWII vets fought in what could be considered the last “real war” (in terms of declarations) and had to go through some of the hardest times at a young age. Our country as a whole should pay more respect to our veterans so our country never forgets people like your grandfather. (Insert digital salute here).

  4. We live where operation Market Garden took place. The local people always pay highest respect to those who lost their lives during WW2. We visit the war cemetaries in our area multiple times a year to educate our children and pay our respect.

  5. Much respect to a man who knows exactly what he went through and for what reasons he did it. The atmosphere around armistice day has become very toxic from certain elements in the UK, when it should be nothing less than a stark reminder of what and who can be lost when power corrupts.

  6. Incredible photo. As a grandson of a WW2 vet who recently passed, I can very much understand your feelings.

    If you could, could you tell us what he did? We ww2 buffs love hearing about the unit’s, missions, gear etc.

    Thank you sharing.

  7. “The trenches have vanished long under the plow, no gas, no barbed wire, no guns firing now. But here in this graveyard that’s still no mans land, the countless white crosses in mute witness stand.”

    That’s a hell of a powerful photograph, thank you for sharing it.


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