My 5yr old niece drew this by herself over thanksgiving. I thought the style of it was pretty original and cool for a kid that young.

My 5yr old niece drew this by herself over thanksgiving. I thought the style of it was pretty original and cool for a kid that young.

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  1. See the main problem I have with this is that the sketch is so much better than the coloring. If she can sketch that well why does the coloring look so terrible?

    To me this looks like an adult trying to imitate a child’s artwork.

    Kudos to her if she really made it though.

  2. Look… I’m an art teacher. There is just no way she did this by herself. Developmentally speaking, this is way too advanced for a 5 year old. Even the carefully scribbled coloring is too advanced. I’m not saying you’re lying, but someone might be lying to you.

  3. def very advanced for a five year old — a lot of detail that most kids that age don’t remotely get. Possibly copied from something but still very good. I’d almost say this might be fake, particularly because the eyes and mouth just seem too strong for a five year old’s hand. But that’s just all the more testament to her talent if not.

  4. Very little chance a 5 year old drew this. My reasons: 1) the detail on the ballerina slippers. 2) the spacing and details on the eyes relative to the head, 3) the bun on the hair, 4) the oddly messy coloring despite very fine details in the drawing.

    This is a well-done take on a kids drawing by an adult. But hey, OP, post a video of the kid drawing something and shut all of us doubters up. Maybe the kid’s a prodigy. But I would bet against it.

  5. Very cool. However, I truly believe a 5 year old did the coloring, not the drawing. The pencil/pen work is precise, yet the coloring is so abstract it wouldn’t make sense to distinguish that at a young age. This one makes you say hmm far too much.

  6. With all due respect. I have a hard time believing a 5 year old did this alone. I watched my 5 year old nephew forget to step down at the top of a flight of stairs this past weekend. It was priceless! Don’t worry, he was fine. Anyways, the coloring pattern and pen usage is quite different in separate locations. Particularly, the x marks on the ballet slippers and perfect placement of the eyes with eyelashes. Additionally, she was somehow able to stay in the lines with the earrings, but nowhere else. From the looks of it, she drew some squiggly lines, and adult filled in a ballerina, and the child finished coloring. I may be wrong though. If that is the case, she is talented.

  7. Look at the pen control of the mouth and eye part, i’m fairly certain an Adult drew some parts (like those and the top pointing leg) and the niece drew the other parts (other leg, maybe tutu)….come on….

  8. I have a 4 year old and I would be surprised if it’s original and not her memory of another picture.

    I catch my kid doing it all the time. I’m with her at the kitchen table and she draws seemingly out of thin air. I’ll be impressed and then I’m like “did you think this up or see a picture?” I’m not mad or anything, being able to copy and replicate what you see is impressive. I’m just curious because she’s been doing great work.

    But she always says it came from her head.

    And I always see a similar picture in one of her story books later.

  9. Why would she spend so much time on the details such as the eylashes, lacing, earings etc, and not bother to color the legs properly or fill in the face 100 percent? I smell karma farming. When I was 5 I was destroying toys and making scribbles on walls

  10. The kid can’t color inside the lines a yet has enough control to draw very detailed eyes, hair style and somehow the laces on the ballet shoes are perfectly inside the lines.

    Impressive for sure, on several levels.

  11. Your niece is actually really advanced for her age. She is doing a lot of things artistically that her peers wont be doing yet. All kids actually go through really similar phases with drawing, starting with just drawing faces to drawing giant heads with limbs to drawing bodies with volume and more proportionate heads. They usually hit these art development milestones at roughly the same age (up until about 10-12, when what they *want* to draw exceeds their ability and they can see their lack of skill. Then they get frustrated and quit. Or they knuckle down and work hard to improve. Girls tend to progress faster and stick with it longer).

    Anyway, your niece is more advanced that other 5 year olds. She is drawing complex positions – the body isn’t face-on, it’s twisted and rendered legibily. The hair is advanced too. She not only suggested hair, bit also noted that it changed direction in the bun. It even gets tighter and more compact in the bun.

    Encourage her and buy her art supplies and let her waste a bunch of supplies trying new things and making mistakes. If you can get her passed the frustrated, pubescent, quitting stage, you might be amazed at where she takes this.


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