In This video I talk about keeping the Final Expense and Mortgage Protection business Simple.. What we do and How we do it. The importances of signing with an Agency and an IMO that provides a Duplicatable System to Follow, provides Agency Hands-on Training, Support and Agent Mentoring as well as Home Office Support from the IMO. If you can’t call the IMO Home Office, your with the wrong company. Watch this Video and make this your year that you take advantage of this great industry and timing we are in..

On this Channel, we are going to discuss Selling Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, and Retirement Protection and Annuities, all things Financial Services. We discuss the various IMO Insurance Organizations such as NAA, National Agents Alliance, AIL, American Income Life, Symmetry Financial, Equis Financial, First Family Life and others, we present the facts backed by third party documentation and allow you to decide.

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Call me and let’s set up a time to discuss, the 10 Things you need to know before you sign with an IMO and what I feel is The Agency Difference, we can then discuss Compensation plan, income case studies and examples, carriers we use and contracting guidelines.

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Watch This Now: “Is Mortgage Protection and Final Expense Sales the Perfect Business for you?”

Steve Houston : Mortgage Protection is a Simple Business





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