The Parenting Junkie is no stranger to a life of minimalism with kids. Having a home with minimalism with kids toys can be a reality for everyone. This minimalism with kids house tour can be applied even to those seeking minimalism with older kids. It can be tricky to have a minimalist kids room with new toys always being bought. The great thing about minimalism with children is that they will grow up to appreciate your simplicity parenting. Minimalist parenting makes you come up with some awesome toy storage ideas. The rise of the minimalism mom is a beautiful thing. The tips for minimalism shown in this minimalist family home tour video will blow you away.

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Raising Entrepreneurials (
Minimalism & Toys (
Toys to Get Rid Of (
Day in My Life (
How We Montessori (
The Play Zones Kids Need (
Big Room Declutter (

Book Rec’s from this video:
The Opposite of Spoiled (
Now Say This, Turgeon (
Unconditional Parenting, Kohn (
The Conscious Parent, Tsabary (
Parenting From The Inside Out, Siegel (

Products Seen in this Video:
Toy Storage Units/bins, Play Kitchen, Sensory Table, etc – IKEA!
Okay to Wake Clock (
Magnesium Spray (
Doll (

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The Parenting Junkie : Minimalism with kids (am I a real minimalist? House tour!)

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  1. Thank you Avital for sharing your personal space with us! You are such an inspiration and You gave me some new ideas of arranging my child’s space. How do you structure your time to make time for homeschooling, housework, and your career?

  2. Avital- Great video! I would love to know where you got that trapeze style swing. I also love the idea of the photo books of each of your children's year and one for the family as well. I want to start doing this, but I know in the past I don't because I can't seem to choose which photos or know how many. Would love to know what photo book service you use and if you try to stick to a certain amount of photos, what is that number? Thanks for all that you share!

  3. Thank you so much for the tour! We just moved into a new home and have two toddlers (3 & 16 months) and a third baby on the way so we are currently figuring out how to keep our house functioning as best as possible. Nice to get some visual ideas! I'm very interested in the photo books. I tried doing this yearly while my husband and I were just a couple and it was tough to keep up as kids came, but the small digital printed ones look very manageable and a nice size to store!! Where do you get them done if you don't mind me asking?? Thanks again!

  4. I love what you said about making a narrative for your children and that helping form their sense of self. So true and powerful. You inspired me to make one for my kids. As I have few memories of my childhood and 2 pictures of myself as a child. Thanks for all ur videos.

  5. I've watched this, and rewatched it, and watched it again. Thank you for being so generous in sharing your home! After your "minimalist hack" on clothing I was really curious about your storage. I noticed that was included in your Present Play membership so I figured I would miss out on that information as I can't prioritize the cost. I am SO GRATEFUL that you mentioned your storage solutions here! Thank you thank you!

  6. I noticed that you don't mention your kids' names for privacy reasons. But we can see it written on the pillows. Just so you know. Maybe you would consider blurring it. I love this video, by the way. ☺


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