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The Parenting Junkie : Minimalism Parenting Hack! How to Buy LESS STUFF, Save Money, Time, and Energy raising kids

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  1. What i did recently was buy my 3yr old daughter the same pair of shoes in 3 sizes. But not the same colour. I made each one different so she feels like shes getting something new. I found a great product and invested for the future!

  2. Family of 4 here & new subscriber.

    Two questions. #1 Where did you get the storage baskets for each of your children's belongings? #2 I was watching through several of your videos last night & came across one that really intrigued me where you got the permission to record decluttering a twin 4-year old mom's playroom. My question is: what is that video's link because I can't for the life of me find it again :/

  3. I like this and think I would do it for some things, but not everything. I think as a twin I value individuality too much for this. Buying the next 2 sizes up is something I would do (I buy two of clothes I like for myself already), but buying the same thing for multiple kids I don't really like.
    When you said "who's gonna get the pink plate, (…)/ dinosaur plate", I thought of my childhood memories of negotiating with my twin who would get what, and because those are generally happy memories I don't think it's a bad thing. Plus it's an opportunity for kids to teach themselves to negotiate, compromise and share.
    Also, most (non-clothing) stuff I buy is secondhand, because it saves money, is environmentally friendly and I like having unique stuff. So buying in like this would maybe not work for me.
    My kind of "minimalism" is more of the use-natural-materials-and-hide-everything-you-don't-need-right-now kind lol.

  4. Every time my son needs new shoes, I tend to search for the same ones from last year, but they are never available anymore! So frustrating. Buying multiple sizes of them at once would save so much time and effort!

  5. Hello The Parenting Junkie. Thanks for the video.I really ppreciate the video and the idea of minimalism and I have a question if you don't matter. If we buy many things at the same time soesn't that create a messy house full of accumulated things? Peace and Love..

  6. Great advice! But…recently I've been trying not to buy for my little boys only the brand new stuff. Im focusing on secondhand clothes and maybe toys and other things and…buying in bulk is impossible then. I like the thoughts than somehow Im helping others and the planet 🙂 to save some space on landfills 🙂

  7. How are you always so beautiful!

    (I know this has nothing to do with your Einstein hack, but I just couldn't! Please don't be freaked out, I'm a new mom of two months and really amazed how a mama can get out of bed and make herself up that beautifully. Right now, this is a perfect conundrum to me, as I feel very very proud if I just manage a shower xDD)

  8. I do this for some things. I have two boys only 14 months apart. When I find something that I love for them I often buy two and often the next sizes up. For example keen close toed sandals work for about 10 months out of the year for us, they can climb, get wet, run, bike ride etc in them, the seem very durable and comfortable so I buy them and have extras in the next size up. Theyre often a little matchy but I like that anyhow and so do they. It also makes hand me downs easier for the younger since brother is getting something sized bigger and perhaps newer but not different or more exciting, most of the time.

  9. I am working on becoming more of a minimalist with my home, children & life in general. I just recently downsized of dishware so that everything is more uniform and I really love it. I love this idea with the clothing I have 3 boys ages 10 4 & 2 so this will defiantly work the two youngest. everything that my 4 yr old receives gets passed down

  10. We do stick to the same brand of shoes for all seasons – that way I know that the next size will fit. It does indeed save me a lot of time researching. For now (kid is 3,5) we only buy second hand though.

  11. Great points here! In our family, we take a very similar approach to clothing/gear. I tend to buy different colours of the same item though as the little ones are still young and can't read the tags for sizes, so they can still independently get ready.

  12. but if you buy a pair of shoes for a 10 year old and then your youngest who is 1 has to wear those shoes 9 years later… Won´t those boots be incredibly out of fashion or just very old looking?

  13. Nice video! However, I feel this is practical only if you have no outside influences- ie: family or friends that will buy different items of clothing for birthdays, holidays, etc. Same with most forward parenting styles: unfortunately, others are always involved.

  14. Interesting and totally agree with freeing up mental energy. I've read though that we shouldn't wear already worn shoes as they won't fit the feet properly as we all have an individual gait, land on our feet differently, etc so that can negatively impact the development of growing feet, especially children. Have you read about that or thought about that?

  15. Love the idea to buy the same or gender neutral for all. At least when it comes to a few items like water bottles, plates, coats so that kids dont fight over them or compare. The cost of quality clothing layers for winter, blankets, duvets, and other things that a child might outgrow also adds up so fast.

  16. Just bought 6 pairs of shorts in different sizes because they were on offer last week 🙂
    Regarding shoes, sometimes they jump sizes so that could be wasteful to buy in advance? What if one child ends up not fitting and feels left out? This is something I do when there's a sale but I do worry about leaving someone out due to an unpredicted growth spurt…


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