Director Michael Moore, author Anand Giridharadas and professor Eddie Glaude Jr. continue their discussion on the president and his impact on the country.
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Michael Moore: President Donald Trump Is Always Lying And Telling The Truth | Morning Joe | MSNBC

MSNBC : Michael Moore: President Donald Trump Is Always Lying And Telling The Truth | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Michael Moore talks about new candidates on the ballot in November. Is he talking about JB Pritzker who stole $300,000 from tax payers and admitted it? JB Pritzker has an on going discrimination lawsuit against him and his company Hyatt Regency. He also has had issues with off shore accounts, not paying his taxes and is still running for Governor under the Democrat ticket. Is this the new candidates he is talking about? If this is, then you can see why the Republicans are winning. Chicago is the most Democratic state in the country, yet is is filled with corruption, scandal and theft. No thanks Michael.

  2. Richard put it best in the beginning if this video. Local, state and federal government are nothing more than self serving. They are not representative of the American people but represent their own selfish needs.

  3. I’m grateful for Trump being elected, not because he’s a good man or even a good president! He was the underdog, and now I see things differently! He’s there to screw up the government and nothing more. I’m hoping we see the ugly and become a nation of one.. When the wrongs of this nation to the First Nation people aren’t righted we will keep having issues.

  4. Plenty of Wankers in Australian politics too, but we have compulsory voting and a reasonable education system, (though the religious right does try to undermine it).  So it is so much harder for extreem problems like Trump to get  a foot hold and have to much influence.  We also don't have FOX News proaganda to deal with just a few jumped up little pundits and loud mouths who have been brought to heel and exposed regularly.   You really have to fix this guys, Putins man must go.

  5. oh good,i been looking for a circus full of freaks,and here they are.i read all your comments,and I have to say,thank god for trump(oh wait,i mean president trump).KKK,slavery,dead American babies,adam and steve,and the Demonrats platform of death and good to listen to you little worms squirm.the word educated is a code word which means demon.your demons.better brace yourselves.those guillotine's that o dummy hussein bought for the patriots are now reserved for you.and we have every up address of every one of you should be scared.very scared.the last thing most of you will see is the basket your head is falling in.of course,we will first let you watch o dummy and distillery get theirs just wondering,do any of you realize there are 50000 indictments filed ready to put in action?do any of you notice the ankle monitor your treasonous leaders are wearing?you have very little time to walkaway from the party of scum.good luck.

  6. No secret to Trump's election win. The Democrats are too far Left, Obama was a disaster, and Hillary was a deeply flawed candidate who was being shoved down our throats.

  7. As long as the electoral college is in place to determine our election result we do not have the right to call our system a democracy. One thing that is alarming is that a very large percentage of the the American electorate decided that they are comfortable with having a con artist nut job as the leader of the free world. For some, the thought that a billionaire dictator understands and cares for their plight is what they believe is horrifying to me. There must be something deeper going on. Whenever I leave my home to go somewhere, I look at the people around me and wonder who around me might be a trumpazoid, and I feel uncomfortable because I view them as the opposition and hope that I do not encounter one.
    I do not feel like I am in the same country as before the 2016 presidential election.
    Michael Steele put things in perspective.

  8. I was telling my democratic friends trump would win the nomination, the democrats were not listening to small business people. They were not listening to unfortunate uneducated, who may not have the brains to write code. The middle america with no corporate jobs, no lucrative unionized government union jobs, no pensions, no tax write offs, no subsidies. People put out of work by immigrants who broke their unions. I work for such people and I sympathize with them. I also sympathize with immigrants. —— trump tells these people what they want to hear. They are slowly realizing that trump lies to them… but the DEPTH of their anger blocks their vision… —— and we are stupid. Almost every immigrant I've talked to would pay extra taxes for 5 years to live and work here. We could be MAKING MONEY off immigration, retraining people, rebuilding infrastructure… instead of loosing money on a wall and ICE. We are stupid.


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