Me, North Pole 1992

Me, North Pole 1992

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READ  Headed to a concert last night when something ran in front of my car. Needless to say I missed the concert and now have a new dog.


  1. OP, serious question…

    How do submarines know when the ice is thin enough for them to just punch through with their conning tower? I mean, that looks like thick ice and you’d think it would damage the antennas or periscopes or whatever the hell is up there, or even just the metal itself. I mean, ice is hard.

    Is it sonar? Is it radar? Is it ice-sonradar?

  2. I’ve always wondered what it’s like in a submarine when the water outside is so fucking cold. Does the cold transfer a bit into the sub or are they designed to be super insulated and have some kind of heating? General curiosity I know nothing of how submarines even work.

  3. One of my best buddies who’s an officer on the USS George W Bush now was a on a TACAMO flight crew after he got out of Annapolis. Whenever they dropped their cable to talk to you guys, they’d send the new guy with a garbage bag to collect “air samples” for Navy weather analysis.

  4. I missed out on doing an ice surface when I was in (Another San Juan shipmate checking in!). Still got to do some other pretty cool stuff, but damn it would’ve been cool.


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