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Marriage is something that is so important to people. In fact, you probably thought about what your wedding would be like as a child.
When people go into a marriage they think so much about their venue, their cake, their guest list — but they never really think about what they are signing up for. Marriage is, legally, one of the most important things you can do. You are signing away half of your life. And there’s nothing wrong with that – if it’s the right person.

On this episode of The School of Greatness, I brought on someone who knows so much about people being with the wrong person and how to set yourself up for a great marriage: NYC divorce attorney James Sexton.

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Marriage Secrets from a Divorce Lawyer with James Sexton

Lewis Howes : Marriage Secrets from a Divorce Lawyer with James Sexton


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  1. If you guys like this talk then you need to check out the relationship therapist they were talking about; Esther Perel. She is just brilliant. I really really enjoyed this talk though and absolutely love Mr Sexton's personality. You can tell he is a great father.

  2. Everyone who are engaged should take premarital counseling, learn the legal implications of marriage and divorce. We need to spend 2 hours with a divorce lawyer before marriage its like an insurance policy. We need to speak to people married long time and divorced folks. Marriage is a legally binding contract, it requires alot of work to be successful. Some cultures treat divorcees badly.

  3. 53% divorce rate is a misleading stat. thats the average. to get that you add up all marriages and compare to divorce. a lot of people that get divorced get remarried and get divorced again. and again. and again.
    Once someone has left a marriage they are always going to have one foot outside of all future marriages.

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  5. Interesting, me and my husband do the email thing. It gives us both time to think and then talk about it candidly with no ill emotions. There is nothing more important than communication in a relationship. Sitting down and evaluating your finances every few weeks/months, evaluating your sex life, your time together or apart, telling each other hey – i need this or that right now – sounds absurdly simple, but it really is a foundation. Being honest, but gentle and loving and kind about it, so you can be truly heard.

  6. Marriage is not a human made institution, it was made and revealed to man by God. Secondly, comparing a human to a car is probably the most abhorrent and objectifying statement. However, the point of sharing honest communication is this video's best point.

  7. many truths, yet as someone else pointed out, life is not this b/w. very few men are capable of this level of maturity. this is the ideal. we need to work toward it, and put in place severe boundaries in the short term so (90% men & 10% women) know when to stop being dumb. and have the harsh discussions before unconscious coupling. sign me amicably broke with ex living in dubai off my cash ): ps. i shoulda burned his shit

  8. I really enjoyed listening to James Sexton, a very interesting and articulate man, and he made so many excellent points on how marriage is viewed. He came across as a very nice, wise man. However I found Lewis Howes way of leafing through James' book or consulting his list for the next question very rude and off-putting. This is maybe his standard practice in his interviews but it just looked to me like he was getting through the list, making little uh uh noises, but was not really listening . If I'd been James I think I might have just leaned over and tapped him on the head with my book. This may be how an interview is done on this show, it's my first time here, but perhaps it would be best not to show Lewis being so rude and keep him off camera, just a voice?

  9. The creation of marriage is determined by your beliefs. Christians believe it was created by God, not man made. It is governed by men but they are not the creator of it. I could use a funnel as a cup if I plug the end but that is not what it was created for. My husband definitely taught me that he does not believe in marriage for real. From him chasing me and the police being called to his extra daughter that lives in Florida. I am just waiting for the day that God saves me from this situation legally. He left me 4 years ago and REFUSES to sign the papers. I just want my freedom back along with my own family name. My hope is in having that one day.

  10. I’m watching this after breaking up a relationship… “the headrest thing and the right thing are almost always the same” comment he made at the end brought me to tears. Thanks Lewis!

  11. Wow. I'm only 12 minutes in, and I already think this should be mandatory viewing for any couple before they can get a marriage license! Really excellent, thought-provoking interview.

  12. The reason a woman wants to get married and pushes for it is because they know their value goes down as they get older/fertility drops so they want to protect themselves when they get older that they are still entitled to their prime youth value for the rest of their lives even though they used goods.The truth hurts

  13. Liked the video, good info but why is a copy of the guest’s book not displayed vs the host of the show?

    As a side, you can still care but you get compassion burnout at times. The next step is apathy. Be aware of the first which ties into being self aware.

  14. This was the most engaging conversation I have heard on this podcast! He holds the audience’s attention and informed us of a really important topic (which has been masked with untrue representations) Marriage is something we all want to experience or at least desire at some age. That is the truth so let us be real and let us be blunt about the reality of marriage! Please have him come back soon!!

    Two of my faves on this series – Dr.Mark Hyman and James Sexton!


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