A mariachi band performed songs including “La Cucaracha” during a protest in front of the apartment of a New York City lawyer caught on video ranting against Spanish-speaking workers.

The band stood shoulder-to-shoulder facing the Upper West Side condo.

Elected officials say the lawyer’s name is Aaron Schlossberg. The vile, racist diatribe he spewed in a Midtown salad bar has now reached online infamy after he was caught on a cellphone camera berating the workers there for speaking Spanish.

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Eyewitness News ABC7NY : Mariachi band plays at protest of lawyer in racist rant video




  1. I’m a Trump supporter because I’m a U.S. citizen and he’s my president. However I completely agree with that. I want my country to succeed and I’m glad these idiots expose themselves. They need to set up a taco truck next. Everyone loves tacos. 👍🏾

  2. Stupid beaners should be deported ! We are a country of laws! These people are extremely disrespectful and entitled ! I hate them because they earned it ! You keep taunting and throwing ur disgusting culture and keep getting all the hate you deserve! The wall just got 10 feet higher !!!

  3. Love it! I went to Mexico for my brothers wedding in Mexico City and even though my Spanish isn't great I had such a good time. My point be open Aaron to other races. It is a beautiful thing.

  4. Well I wouldn't call it racist, but I think all people are very judgmental of others. Whether that is considered racist is up for debate. Racist is a strong word. THat means you don't like another race for anything, you wouldn't associate with them, you wouldn't eat with them, you woudln't use the same bathrooms as them. That's a racist. Now if you don't agree with the country's system, does that make you a racist? Who knows. I don't think most people are full blown racist though. But I suspect alot of people have strong biased towards others. They just won't admit it.


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