#AD Join me as I attempt to make my cousin a new baby care basket! Thank you to Johnson’s for partnering with me and sponsoring today’s video!
Having a new baby is a big transition. Whether it’s your first or your fifth, the transition is always different. I remember the transition from one child to two being the most challenging for me. In today’s video, I’m trying to set my cousin Sharon up with everything she needs to make those first few weeks go smoothly. Sharon also does a surprise gender reveal in this video!

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MOM BOSS OF 3 : Making A New Baby Care Basket | MOM BOSS OF 3

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  1. That is a sweet gift. I never could use Johnson's for my daughter because I never knew if I'd have an allergic reaction to it because as a baby Johnson's made me break out. lol I always had sensitive skin, can't use most make ups and such. I do know otherwise Johnson's is great for most people.

  2. That's such a sweet gift! I'm 2 weeks postpartum with my first, and a friend of mine did the same and bought us a basket of practical things, including bath products. And, lol, yes, it was Johnson's .😂😂 She was the only one who did that and it was soo useful


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