Taking Donations Cash App(Beezee31)I really appreciate it thanks

BeeZee AKA BlackLove : LOST $30,000 IN LOANS IN BITCONNECT 2018



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  1. dissapeared? get in on the lawsuit and remember a fool and there money is easily parted.. Dont feel bad we all lost but why the fuck would you drop your load onto one unregulated internet you tube non 'American investment.

  2. Guys, Amos aka beezee has tragically passed away after being in a auto accident I am starting donation to beezee's family I spoke to them and willing to accept bitcoin donations which will be given to his family during these hard times.

    Bitcoin 32nVpaGKimDgDWnqeb9BBDDfxBQGZTc4UF

    Bitcoin Cash qp8dzlnf7qh4z7y5c37yx9nrjnymr87hk57zs8u9xg

    Ethereum 0xa20AcB53e2f30Cb11110cA0d06FCc6c2C83f2e4c

    Litecoin MQNpvmHt2eRGjJmZVaPEj6LMXtKb3FWo9h

    He was a good guy and good friend from Fairfax County,Virginia he will truly be missed. I will post more details as soon as I get more word.

  3. 2 mistakes made 1st one should have been how much can you afford to lose? After that you have to pull your losses out like at 90% 85% 80% even 50% of your original investment. I knew bitconnect was a nasty scam…it was only time to tell it’s fate. This is a world not regulated by governments. The crypto markets are like the currency exchange intertwined with penny stocks on steroids that trade 24/7. Pretty radical stuff a lot of pumps and dumps.

  4. I recently lost almost everything.. I lost about 500k.. I know you feel brother.. I've been working hard building my empire for 10 years for one mistake to have it come crashing down.. I can't even get out of bed in the morning

  5. I feel your pain. I lost all my money one month on stock options because I made a stupid decision… best you can do is work hard and scrape together and let it be a lesson in your life.


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