Lost 14-year-old boy asking for directions gets shot at. Shooter on trial for attempted murder. [SFW]

Lost 14-year-old boy asking for directions gets shot at. Shooter on trial for attempted murder. [SFW]

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  2. > [From the Oakland Press:](https://www.theoaklandpress.com/news/copscourts/jurors-view-video-of-rochester-hills-shooting-as-trial-continues/article_3f07f548-cca1-11e8-8e16-1b5ad08f57c5.html) The video, shown in court on the trial’s second day, was recorded by a home surveillance system owned by Jeffrey Zeigler, 53, who’s on South Christian Hills Drive. Zeigler is accused of shooting at Brennan Walker, 14 at the time, who reportedly stopped at his house that morning to ask for directions to school after missing his bus.

  3. A decade earlier, the shooter was involved in a road rage incident where he fired his gun at another car.

    Prosecutors let him plead guilty to a misdemeanor. Because they let him get off with a mere misdemeanor instead of a felony, he was able to retain his legal right to own firearms.

  4. Also his wife can fuck right off. She opens the door, and sees a child with a fricken backpack on, who KNOCKED on the door and she wants to ask “Why are you trying to break in my house?” WHAT??? The both if em are pieces of shit. I hope he gets the worst of all possible outcomes.

  5. >Zeigler was convicted of firing a handgun at another motorist during an altercation in 2004, according to court records. On the day of the April 2018 arrest, Zeigler told Pace his medications include painkillers, muscle relaxers and Valium, but that he hadn’t used any that day.

    How is this trigger happy moron on drugs is allowed to have a shotgun.

  6. He fucking shot at the kid while he was running away.

    Pointed the gun, took half a second to aim, and discharged. His dog shit excuse is he thought he was getting robbed. NOTHING in the video would leave any reasonable person to suspect that, which leads me to believe that this fat shirtless idiot made an insane conclusion in his head based off the kid’s skin colour.

    Attempted murder is a bad bad charge, I hope the judge goes the distance with it.

  7. I live in this area I remember when this first happened, I think back in April. Most of the comments on the news sites were defending the owner! Saying a 14 year old boy should know how to get to school, how does he not know his neighborhood etc… Look at this image and tell me the neighborhood isn’t confusing. It’s not a grid. Grids makes sense, this shit does not, ESPECIALLY for a 14 year old boy. [Christian Hills Drive Rochester Hills, MI](https://i.imgur.com/TNyhTYJ.png)

    Edit: A lot of people are saying there is no excuse or reason for this man to have shot at this kid. I whole heatedly agree but unfortunately there are quite a few people who will see this and ask the question “why was the kid lost?”. I am simply just trying to show how easy it is for a kid to lose their way in a neighborhood.

  8. My son knows this kid (they live within a mile of each other). The man is not allowed to stay in town, and is living near port Huron until the trial is over.

    The police handled the situation very well, comforting the kid and making sure the retired firefighter was quickly in custody. He’s a racist POS as far as I’m concerned.

    Scary to have this happen close to home.

  9. I can physically feel my blood pressure rising. I thought he shot when he came outside and the kid ran away and like we just didn’t notice it. Nope, he aims his gun at the kid while he’s running away. I’m so angry right now what the fuck

  10. I walked through the pouring rain for 5 hours in alabama trying to use someones phone to call a tow truck. Two people called the police on me without answering their door and one threatened to release his dog on me. Funny thing is that guy had a town truck in his drove way. People are assholes.

  11. I tried to see what was going on with this man, but I think he was legit just trying to kill a fleeing, harmless teenager because he’s black.

    I’m fucking stunned by this.

  12. Would love to hear the story he told the police – nothing in this video justifies taking that shot. **


    This guy needs to be punished as if he had killed the kid. WHY? Because we punish INTENT, not RESULTS – and we should punish him for trying to shoot the kid, and not reward him for being lucky that he’s a crap shot.


    ** He could easily argue that something about the verbal communication that we can’t hear caused him fear and justified getting his gun… Can’t comment on that. BUT the video is clear that the 14yo was of absolutely no threat to the man when the shot was fired, and for long enough before the shot was fired that any reasonable person would have stood down recognizing there was no threat.


  13. I don’t understand the people arguing against the attempted murder charge. Even *IF* he wasn’t pointing directly at the kid, and was shooting his gun into the air to scare him, renegade bullets have still killed bystanders in the past. A bullet could have struck someone else and killed them, maybe unlikely, but that should be enough to still charge him with second degree attempted murder. [A guy near where I live was recently charged with attempted second degree murder for pulling out a gun and saying he was going to kill a person, and he never fired a shot.](https://www.ksnt.com/news/local-news/local-bar-owner-charged-with-attempted-second-degree-murder_2018030603314062/1011522749) This situation is much worse because it involves a minor and the kid was running away when the gun was fired, which negates any argument for self defense at that point. If this isn’t attempted murder, it’s at the very least attempted second degree murder.

  14. Fuck this guy, if you need to protect yourself from a teenager running away from you then you are a coward in this world .. go ahead and get castrated cause your man card is forever revoked

  15. Lol the dude came out looking terrible. All fat and shirtless. What made him think to shoot as they kid was running far away, some elite form of mentally handicapped can’t process generic life situations correctly

  16. Oh wow, anytime I see Oakland I think of CA. But then I saw the kid was bundled up and realized this was in Michigan. For those of you who may not know, Oakland is the richest county in Michigan by a solid margin. So one would hope that you would encounter less racist rednecks. Just goes to show that people like him can be anywhere.

    I absolutely see no way for this guy to be let off with at least some prison time. Especially for lying about what happened. Fuck him.

  17. About one in a thousand houses knocked, a redneck would answer their door with a gun drawn when I did door-to-door sales. And before you say door to door sales is bullshit, we worked for local telecom companies and cable providers. We sold internet and TV and phone service. Not steak, knives, or vacuum cleaners. Some people are just jacked up on meth in their house ready to shoot anything that knocks on the door because they’ve been looking out the peep hole waiting for that moment for 14 hours. Or I don’t know maybe it’s just a racist prick. Porque no Los Dos?

    This is bad PR for fat middle-aged white people though.

  18. Being from Ireland this is just insane can’t comprehend that a teenager gets shot for missing the bus or the fact that one man’s reaction is to shoot another human being just for knocking the door.


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