What is Sugar by Christopher Walker

Sugars are naturally occurring carbohydrates that provide energy for the body in the form of glucose and fructose. Your brain for example, requires roughly 130 grams of glucose on a daily basis to cover the most basic energy needs. You can lose weight fast eating sugar.

The major internal organs, glands, and muscles all use glucose as their main energy source. If you deprive the body from this, it will try to make up for it by a process called gluconeogenesis, in which the body breaks down protein and fatty-acid to create glucose, do this long enough and your body goes into ketosis – which surely has some health benefits – but is also just another form of metabolic stress during glucose deprivation.

Almost all carbohydrates, starches and sugars, break down to glucose – the simplest form of sugar – after ingestion.

Although the low-carbers tried for years to confuse average people into believing that low glycemic index foods would be “it” for weight loss. Research showed time after time again that it was the total energy intake of daily calories, not the GI that is behind our ability to gain or lose weight.
The most common kinds of sugars in our diet include;
Glucose – the simplest form of sugar and the main energy provider of the cells in the body. The “blood sugar” in your veins is also glucose.
Fructose – found naturally in fruits and honey. It’s much sweeter than glucose and is metabolized in the liver instead of the gut.
Sucrose – (table sugar) is 50% fructose and 50% glucose, extracted from beets or sugar cane. Sucrose occurs naturally in vegetables and fruit.
Lactose – (milk sugar) is found in milk and dairy products. There’s also maltose, which is found in malted drinks.
The studies looking into the effects of sugar on various health parameters, often use pure fructose, pure glucose, or sucrose. In our normal daily lives, majority of the sugars we consume come in balance of ~50% glucose, ~50% fructose. The main difference between glucose and fructose, is the fact that the latter is metabolized in the liver and is more rapidly absorbed.
Some Real Health Benefits of Sugar
Due to the demonization of sugar, it may seem bit outer-worldish to claim that sugar consumption would actually have some health benefits.


Yet it does. And it makes sense.

Why would this source of energy that the body naturally prioritises be harmful for us? Why would the most easily attainable naturally occurring foods like berries and fruit (which are loaded with simple sugars) be the cause of our ever increasing weight and health problems? And lastly, why have these problems skyrocketed, all while our consumption of sugar has decreased?
I certainly don’t have the answers to all these questions, but if we start to look at the scientific evidence without any pre-existing beliefs about sugar, it becomes obvious that this stuff isn’t as bad as one would think.

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There’s plenty of research showing how glucose and fructose actually negatively correlate with diabetes, and that fructose – due to the fact that it’s metabolized in the liver – doesn’t need insulin to be pushed into the cells, which is probably why higher intakes of fructose have been found to improve – yes, improve – insulin sensitivity.

Oh then what about the ever-claimed idea that sugar makes us fat?
Has anyone considered the fact that sugars are the primary fuel for the thyroid gland, and that the thyroid gland actually controls the rate at which your body burns calories, aka. metabolic rate? When you eat more simple sugars, your thyroid gland produces more T4 thyroid hormones, and with adequate sugars stored in the liver, your body can easily convert T4 into the active T3 form, which greatly improves energy production and metabolic rate.

Heck, when you lower your calories in order to lose weight, one of the most powerful compounds that can preserve metabolic rate, is in fact; fructose. It supposedly is the substance most notorious for making us gain weight, but in reality it’s pretty low in caloric content, has the ability to greatly support metabolic rate, and has a muscle sparing effect.
The liver provides about 70% of our active thyroid hormone, by converting thyroxine to T3, but it can provide this active hormone only when it has adequate glucose.
So what about fatty liver disease? That’s one of the key “evils” that fructose is blamed for.

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In reality, fructose has been shown to be protective against hepatic liver problems, and when there’s adequate choline in the diet, over-feeding of fructose does not lead to fat accumulation in the liver at all. The problem of fatty-liver disease has nothing to do with fructose, and everything to do with eating too much polyunsaturated fatty-acids (which prevent exportation of liver fat) and lack of choline (which is a necessary micronutrient required in the exportation of fat from the liver).


Christopher Walker : Lose Weight Fast Eating Sugar? Sugar Obesity Myth Exposed

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  1. What do you think about the carnivore diet? It’s curing all kinds of auto immune diseases and after the adaptation phase the body thrives from an energy standpoint, mental capacity is good, auto immune diseases disappear.

  2. So much shallow here → Not one reference to your so-called journey. No reference to impact of insulin which is the main hormone at blame. No indication what actual % carbs or timing beyond vague "balanced?" No underlying model or mechanism for sugar's being OK besides some flawed correlational Australian study. All in all more likely feel you are just trying to carve a new marketing niche for yourself. Disappointed because used to present sone good stuff.

  3. In the liver, fructose is converted to pyruvate and utilized in energy metabolism. The liver can only store a ,limited amount of fructose. The remainder will be stored as fat. The intake of naturally occurring fructose from fruits is OK but not as artificial sweetener.

  4. Chris, what are your thoughts on Whole30? I eat more fruit than it calls for … Whole30 encourages 1-2 servings. But I eat 3-4 depending on training days. The rest is meat, eggs, potatoes, nutrient rich vegetables—no dairy, no sugar except in fruit and vegetables … no beans, etc.

  5. "Dr" Eric Berg is the biggest dumbass . He has no understanding of biochemistry/metabolism .""nada" !..he makes a video every week on Youtube he has millions of subscribers and makes more money from making videos on youtube than from his chiropractic practice now his wife joined him on the video making on youtube!…Hes not even a doctor or has a PHD but he makes a ton of money on YOUTUBE with millions of sheep watching his videos . He claims he has important politicians from Washington DC as patients ! all B.S .

  6. There are 7.6 billion people in the world and no two of them reacts the same to anything,it might work for some but you definitely cannot make a sweeping statement like this,my advice would be trail and error.

  7. Chriis check the link between cholesterol and hart attack you will surprised ! low colesterol involvd in much more heart attacks than higher one! ofcourse too much oil isnot good to our body but you overrated th sugar everything in the right place and in th right quantty-thanks

  8. So half of America's population is either pre-diabetic or diabetic.
    The cause of this ailment is too much glucose AKA sugar in the bloodstream.
    This fact is not in dispute.
    I will take my chances on a ketogenic diet.

  9. he's full of shit. I can't go into all the detail but babies born breast milk is keto. indigenous peoples still on their traditional diets (Keto) have a 0% cancer rates only when they become more modernized diets do cancer rates match those of the developed world. cancer feeds off of sugar that's how they find it. doctors inject radiated glucose wait an hour scan you and it shows up in concentrated areas where the cancer is. ancient Greek literature and even in the Bible you never read about breakfast it's always eating at the end of the day dinner. Keto and intermittent fasting is mankind historic norm. hunters gatherers would hunt all day bring back what they got at the end of the day and cook it up for the tribe that's keto/ intermittent fasting that's how we are built. were not cattle grazing all day with four stomachs we're supposed to be like the lion eat the kill at the end of the day.

  10. TO ALL THE ESTEEMED RESEARCH SCIENTISTS AND DOCTORS WHO RESPONDED TO MY ORIGINAL POST: Thank you very much, and I appreciate that some of you took the time to write out detailed responses about why us ignorant uneducated folks shouldn't be on a keto diet, because we are too stupid to understand that it is dangerous and does not work!! Honestly! You are very nice to take your valuable time here and try and explain this to us. HOWEVER, I just wanted to point out that trying to explain how the keto diet is stupid and doesn't work to an ignorant fool, like me, who is following Dr. Eric Berg's advice for over 2 1/2 years, and has lost over 60 pounds of bodyfat, has 6-pack abs now, and feels AHHHHHH-MAZING on the keto diet, is a bit like trying to explain that seatbelts don't work to someone who has survived a car crash. So, pleas allow me to put this into terms even a Doctor or Research Scientist can understand: IF I EAT STARCHY CARBS, OR SUGAR, I START TO GAIN FAT ON MY MIDSECTION ALMOST IMMEDIATELY. IF I FOLLOW DR. BERG'S ADVICE ON KETO, MY MIDSECTION STAYS NICE AND LEAN WITH NO VISCERAL FAT. period, end of story ….ALL I really need to know. I wish I did have the time and the intelligence and the interest to learn WHY and HOW Keto works, ….but sadly I do not. All I can tell you, is that it does.

  11. I found this video the highest rhetorical garbage I have watched in a long time I cannot belive your are still trying to push the same old calories in calories out crap, so many wrong assumption

  12. God to mankind “Y’all don’t eat that pretty sweet fruit! It’ll kill you!”

    Satan to mankind “Y’all eat that fruit it is good for you”

    One of them statements is a lie. I’ll let you decide for yourself which one it is!

  13. All I see is people say cals in cals out all the time there's plenty of research from Dr Ben Bikman Dr Jason Fung Dr Dominic D'agostino Dr Peter Attia hormones especially insulin & cortisol are MAJOR FACTORS in fat loss way more important than calories I eat 4000 cals of keto a day I'm still losing body fat cause I keep insulin low and stress low I barely exercise and Ben Bikman already debunked thermodynamics does not relate to human biology at all

  14. After I stopped consuming sugar and simple carbs I lost almost 40 pounds in a cpuple of months. I started eating complex carbs when started my workout program. Personal experience.

  15. Agree 100%. I was keto/low carb for 10 years and thought it was the best until it eventually trashed my health heading towards full blown hypothyroidism, here's a list of symptoms I had: http://slimbirdy.com/2017/07/23/does-low-carbketo-eating-make-your-hair-fall-out/ – the thing is though just as you mention, it doesn't mean unlimited sugar, no nutrients and lots of calories.

    The right amount of sugar for your body balanced with nutrients is what makes it a pro metabolic awesome food. You actually need more nutrients like calcium, vitamins, protein etc because the sugar increases your metabolic rate. The one combination that is the worst for health is high fat and high sugar/carb and excess calories – that's what leads to metabolic disease. Especially if it's PUFA fat which inhibits proper glucose metabolism. Those who say keto 'cured' their diabetes, if you're not eating many carbs any more, how do you know? That's like someone saying "I've fixed the hole in the bathtub because I don't put water in it any more." The tub is still broken.

  16. this is bullshit, i used to pour a tea spoon of sugar in my water and drink it while in the gym, i got fucking fat really fast like in a month i was really fucking fat, and that was all the sugar i would consume during the day the rest would be complex carbs and protein from actual food, a tea spoon a day made me fat not the other way around

  17. The idea of keto is for your body to make its own glucose by utilizing fats as energy. As soon as your body eats sugar, your motabalism uses that instead of its fat. Sugar dosent cause weight gain, it's the combination of sugar and fat. The body uses sugar first and puts the fat in storage.

  18. True..!! I was stupid i thought that diet are magic and sugar etc was the ultimate bad.. I m 42 i start to check what i m eating and the results in my body and energy level.. Week by week.. I m sensitive in cards..but not at all in sugar.. I drink 2 coffes with 2 spoons of sugar each per day.. I eat two spoons of honey with my brakfast..i eat dry fruits with nuts..

    I combine this with five minutes exercise (abs, pull ups, push ups..and legs..) just to activate testosterone..
    Results are amazing after one year… I have almost six pack..
    and i feel very strong…

  19. Telling people to eat a lot of carbs as part of a "balanced diet" is what got us where we are today (record obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease rate). Some people can do it sure, (so please save your anecdotal evidence and half baked studies). If you want to hear the real deal from an actual MD who actually conducts research on metabolism and can show mountains of data with tons of real life case studies, broken down is a way that makes perfect sense, check out Dr. Jason Fung, MD.
    The difference between him and this clown is that Dr. Fung is not selling ANYTHING, he just wants you to be healthy, unlike this con artist.

  20. Facepalm.. sugar is incredibly harmful , another diet fad is the high sugar diet , even raw unrefined cane sugar .. adding it to my diet as a supplement for more energy destroyed my health and life .

  21. This is the worst information I have ever heard, no references, If this was true Americans would be in excellent health. American consumes between 150 to 170 pounds of refined sugars in one year! Body builders are burning subcutaneous fat, not visceral fat, look at how big the abdomens are on body builders.


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