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We talk about credit card application rules such as Chase’s 5/24 rule, Citi’s 6/6 rule and Bank of America’s 2/3/4 rule. Capital One and American Express also have their own rules for applications and sign up bonuses.
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  1. Okay, another question. You said your annual credit card fees are deductible business expenses (probably because you review credit cards). But I suspect you are getting "positive expected value" (aka gains) from having these cards. For example, getting more back in value (hotels, cash back, airlines, etc) than the annual fee.

    But by declaring the annual fee as a business expense, the IRS requires you to claim the redeemed value of the points earned via the bonus as INCOME.

    If you got positive expected value, then declaring these cards as business instead of personal would INCREASE (not decrease) your tax liability at the end of the year. You could only save money on your taxes if you had negative expected value (loss) resulting from not getting as many points as the annual fee costs. But then why would you keep the card in that case?

    Are you declaring the fees on your taxes and neglecting to claim the points/bonus as income?

  2. amex 2/90 rule is actually 2 credit cards and unlimited charge card.
    I got the BCE 6/25, hilton biz 8/25 (2 app in 60 days), spg biz 10/8 (BCE app dropped off, about a month after hilton biz)


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