Little known fact

Little known fact

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  1. This fact is why this is the second year in a row I’m leading a sock roll service project for my son’s Cub Scout pack. I have the boys roll up a pair of socks with a pack of peanut butter crackers and a granola bar (secured with rubber bands). We then donate them to a homeless outreach program.

    ETA: we make 120 sock rolls

  2. Yup, feet are important.

    Keep some new socks in your car and hand them out to people who are really homeless; not just the guys with the signs.

    Also, never throw away a comforter or jacket. Keep them in your trunk in the winter months in case you see someone who is freezing out in the street.

  3. I was displaced by the Camp Fire here in California and I didnt grab any socks when I evacuated. I was so thankful that within a day, some nice person had given me a whole pack of fresh clean socks. It really boosted morale.

  4. Period supplies and sunscreen are also majorly under donated.

    I know we’re going into winter so it’s not as much of a concern right now, but sunburns are a serious issue for people who are homeless. Also, women who don’t have adequate sanitation products on their period are at great risk for infections like toxic shock syndrome.

  5. A new pair of socks is one of the best small feelings in life

    I hope to one day be rich enough that I can wear a new pair every day and donate the previous day’s pair to a homeless shelter

  6. Makes sense, people rarely get rid of socks until they are ruined. Even when cleaning your dresser who would think to send their socks and underwear to donation? I assumed they didn’t take that stuff anyway.

    Maybe I’m stupid and they mean new packages of the stuff

  7. 1. Picture of a guy holding a sign. This is basically a text post that belongs in r/TIL
    2. Is this actually a fact, or just a… picture of a guy holding a sign? A claim like this needs to be sourced.

  8. My kid’s school does “socktober” where they collect new socks to donate to local shelters. This year I think the school collected over 1000 pairs. We always buy a huge bulk pack to donate. We live in Canada. Cold feet are no joke.

  9. Oh! This is weirdly relevant to me! Every day that I drive home, there’s a light I get caught at where several panhandlers like to wander between the stopped cars in search of handouts. I never carry cash – everything is debit and credit in my life – but I also don’t feel comfortable giving my money away to someone who may just be looking for a drug/liquor fix. So, I started carrying cheap packs of socks in my car. It worked as an instant deterrent to people who just wanted the cash for reasons undeclared – I even had at one guy say, “Fuck you; I don’t need socks!” – but has also made a few of these people inordinately happy. I know that I can’t stand to be wearing my socks just after a tough day at work; I can scarcely begin to imagine what it would be like to be wearing months-old, crusty socks.

    So far, I’ve given away 9 six-packs of basic work socks. Now that the winter is setting in here in Canada, I’m going to start carrying some mittens and hats, too.


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