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RealLeyla : Life Update & Solo Parenting For The Day | RealLeyla Vlog

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  1. Hi Leyla! I am not sure if you have mentioned how the group mediation went, but I hope it went well for you! I am excited for you that you have found this new path. Hopefully one of these days I can join a live video since I live in Arizona. I have followed you for so many years and every time I see your videos or follow you on instagram, I get inspired and always happy. Best wishes always!

  2. Y'all are negative nancies. Of course the first thing that comes to your minds is divorce lol. I guess I can see why some would jump to that but I instantly thought "Oh her husband's probably gone for a few days". That's no reason to dislike a video though. It's clear that wasn't her intention.

  3. Hi Leyla, I love watching your videos because you’re so relatable and have such a positive spirit. Congrats on this new chapter of your life. I am excited for you and cannot wait to watch the mediation video. Our world needs more “love circles”. Sending lots of positive vibes from Florida! ~ Cat L

  4. Leyla, I just wanted to say that you are so beautiful! I love the makeup! I know you don’t have time with 2 kids but I was loving your bright coloured nails. Sending love and hugs to you all the way from Romania! ❤️

  5. Whoa… it was a busy day, so I just opened the video for the first time since uploading it last night and seeing all the comments. I'm sorry if the title was confusing or misleading. It was definitely not my intention. I hope you guys still enjoyed the content, regardless of the confusing title. I'm not a fan of clickbait titles myself and would have never titled the video this way if I thought it would lead to such a fuss. It was an honest mistake. It's now changed to a more accurate description 🙂

  6. Solo parenting doesn't mean that your hubby is just at work (or any event)!! Really bad title. I felt really bad for you, I thought that something horrible happend…cause I didn't expect clickbait. And then I got it, it sponsored and you needed views…

  7. This was not done intentional, we are all humans and make mistake. She did not try to sell you something. Hope Leyla's dream come true she is authentic. Too many you tubers just love to make money these days selling stuff..

  8. On and on bla bla bla, wow. Solo. More like job changing, and maybe advertising at the same time, I feel like I got tricked with the title so I could open the blog. Well Halloween is around the corner. What happen to real leyla.

  9. Surprised from you to put such a misleading title… For the sake of respect for single mums you should think about changing the title. Not meaning this in a bad way, only common sense.

  10. I don't think it's clickbait. The problem it's not in the title but you thinking the bad first. I don't believe they will ever get a divorce. So the first thing that came in my mind is that demetre maybe will go somewhere for a while or something…

  11. You are such a beautiful soul. Hearing you talk about searching your path made me feel that this is exactly what I need myself – do the inner work and listen to the voice that has always been wispering. I can't decipher what it's saying at the moment but seeing that you can do it, I feel I can do it, too. Thank you for being such an inspiration and sharing your experience. Love watching your videos and reading your posts on Instagram.

  12. Leyla, I'm so excited to hear your new meditation class is going to be on YouTube, ever since Mimi has talked about it I've always been interested to try it. I'm also glad you are going to get some prescious me time to do something you are very passionate about. I love how selfless you are and an amazingly patient, giving person.Lots of luck with your new class.x 😄


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