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  1. Thank you for waiting. All lines are busy but a sales representative will be on the line shortly. Your call is important to us.

    Xfinity x1 provides the cutting edge in digital entertainment. Ask your sales representative about it today! Thank you for choosing Comcast.

    Do do dooo 🎶 do be do be doo

    Thank you for waiting

  2. My isp pissed me straight the fuck off. I called them for my internet randomly dropping connection multiple times a day for a month so i asked that a field tech come check my home internet/locsl area. I mentioned that:

    I reset the modem and router at least once a day.

    I reset them from my browser also

    Changed the channel of the router

    Changed ethernet cable going from router to modem

    The dumb service rep goes “i see your modem hasnt been reset since yesterday”. He makes me do all the shit again that I JUST SAID THAT I DO ON THE DAILY, then when its all said and done.. “well…. its not really our problem because you dont use a router from us.” WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK? I only got lucky cause my mom who worked for that company also sent a field tech to check out my area and it turned out several users in the area had the same issue.

    Edit: i think thats its fair that I put though that this is the only time ive had bad service from charter/spectrum in my area all these years. I know a lot of you live in areas without much competition but I live in a metroplex with shit tons of ISP all out to compete so service is generally good around here. My issue was solved the very same day it was escalated to tier 2 support

  3. I once worked for a large cable company (not Comcast) who had long wait times for customer service. The company hired a call center consulting firm to assess us. Things like call length, amount of time off the phones, staffing, quality, productivity, etc. They concluded the following.

    * We spent too much time on the phones without breaks.
    * Our calls were too quick. Our people didn’t spend long enough on the phone with a customer to resolve the problem.
    * We were understaffed.
    * Customer service reps didn’t have all the necessary tools available to help customers.

    They showed us that if we fixed these problems, even though it would cost more money, we’d still make more money because of better customer satisfaction. We were shown metrics that showed how customer satisfaction scores correlated to retention, and the willingness to pay more for better service.

    The company chose to not believe the consultants.

    Whenever I see people make the claim that a company is doing something for money, I am reminded of this. ***Sometimes it’s just because management is dumb***, and caught up in a cult-like scenario where ~~toting~~ toeing the company line and sticking with established call center culture is better – despite evidence to the contrary.

    People give companies too much credit. “They have surely done studies and know that they make more money by hiring less staff, and keeping people on hold.” Nope, they are just stubborn idiots who would cut off their nose to spite their face.

  4. Former cable guy here.

    I went to a guy’s house who had 58 splitters, so that every room had 6 tv’s in it so he could watch six channels at the same time. The tv’s were all old, small, and mismatched, but if you look really closely at the owner’s pale gray skin, I think he glowed a little bit from all the radiation. Yea, those digital boxes did away with all of that nonsense.

  5. Pro tip: Use the online chat, tell “Michael” or “Steve” that you’ve already done all troubleshooting and you only want to schedule a technician. If the technician that comes to your house isn’t in a Xfinity/Comcast branded vehicle, refuse their service because the contractors suck balls.

  6. I moved into a two-story place and after I got internet set up, I found out it didn’t work upstairs (which was the only place my desktop could go). I called Comcast and their response was I would have to wait until a tech could come out and would be charged about $70.

    I told them not to bother, and just bought a $12 splitter and spent 5 minutes determining which cable was the one for upstairs.

  7. I hate Comcast sooooooooooo much, there are no words to express my hatred. I once had a customer service rep named Robert try to convince me that 20+ outages a day, every day, some two hours or longer, was “normal operation.” Robert, you useless fuck, I’ll never forgive you.

  8. Funnily enough, I’m training to be a customer service rep for comcast, and ive learned a few things that customer service wasnt able to help me with before.

    Also, if youre in a bulk account (not a bundle, but basically like your apartment came with comcast), your call goes through quicker as its placed in a different cue. But you didnt hear that from me…

  9. I did something like this. My internet just randomly went out and the company said they can’t get someone out for 5 weeks. So I just posted an ad on Craigslist looking for an employee from there to come fix my shit in his off time. Fixed next day during his lunch lol.

  10. Verizon does the same thing. I once waited 2 hours and they hung up on me. So i called back, put my phone on speaker and muted myself. Two hours later i hear a hello from my phone.

  11. Jokes aside, I used to work in a TWC level 3 call center. One busy day we had people waiting on hold for 3+ hours to get to our level. This is after tier 1 and 2 wasting their time and put in line for Level 3 support. The queue hit 285 people at the worst (with about 30 agents taking the calls)

    I expected people to scream when I finally got to them, but after 3 hours you seem to lose the will to live and are oddly calm.

    Poor souls.

  12. Me too, bro. I work at a call center and I’m always getting nagged about my handle time (call lengths) but they always gloss over the fact that my “first call resolution” is like 98%. Meaning that my customers don’t call back in that same week, because I fixed their fucking problem. Oh and I don’t sell enough… one wants a fucking landline Karen! I actually sold one the other day and felt really dirty….I could go on and on about that whole scam but it would make for a long boring read.

  13. Called Comcast to complain about my internet never working. Constantly having to unplug everything etc… they told me to GO ONLINE AND SEND A REQUEST FOR A SERVICE TECH TO COME OUT. After I had already told her that I could not connect to the internet… like, what’s even the point of calling if they just redirect me to their website when the internet isn’t working…

  14. I had issues for months with my Comcast internet dropping in and out on a daily basis, sometimes for hours. Called customer service and went through all the standard bullshit that I’d already done myself, but the problem still persisted. I then noticed that my bill had gone up by about $50 for no reason, and I was livid. I could hardly afford it at the original price. I got so fed up I just filed a complaint with the FCC, and within a few days I was put in contact with the VP of customer relations at Comcast Headquarters. Turns out my contract had ended and nobody decided to tell me, so I was paying the monthly rate. The VP of customer relations was able to refund me the extra money I had paid and even got me on a discounted plan for $30 less than I was originally paying. And magically my internet connection was reliable again.

    I should probably contact that VP again cause I’ve been having crazy lag spikes while gaming that’s made anything multi-player practically unplayable. Fuck Comcast, I’m really hoping that Youmura will be able to run fiber to my apartment complex soon.

  15. I applied at Comcast once. My friend was in middle management and said he’d push my application forward. After handing in my app they sent me for a drug test. No interview was necessary since I was being hired into his department I got to skip it.

    6 months later, living 1000 miles away I get a phone call on my cellphone.

    This is Margery with Comcast’s hiring department. We’re in the final stages of your hiring process, but just need to ask a few questions.

    I declined.

  16. Holy fuck my girlfriend just had a nightmare situation with them. They cut our cable after we paid the bill and told us we didn’t… After we showed them we did 2 days before. They had to send it to their investigation team to find out they sent our money to the wrong place. So. Fucking. Obnoxious.

  17. Having worked for Comcast, I know it takes about 2 weeks to complete training. Though you get access to the services a week or less in. That being said, we don’t really do anything that you can’t do on your own besides call a truck out.

  18. Spectrum doesnt seem to bad compared to comcast and yet everyone hates it here on the west coast

    400 down and 20 up(they have 1 gig but my house don’t support it


    And home phone( yes i still have one)

    $131 a month

    And it only goes down like twice a month for like 5 mins

    You can chat with them through their website

    Get that shit resolved in 5 mins

    Call takes less time

    The app has a troubleshooter that u can use to resend signals to your modem yourself

    Ive never had comcast, do they have similar things?
    How the pricing over there for you comcast users

  19. My internet has been spotty. I scheduled for a tech to come fix it. I gave them a 4 hour time slot when I would be available, in case they needed to fix anything inside.

    Half an hour after that time window, I was late for work, and had to leave. I make it out of the apt complex and onto the road, and my phone starts ringing. It’s the fucking tech. He needs to be let in to see if he can fix the problem from inside my apt.

    I’m now considering changing jobs so I can learn how to fix the damn internet myself.

  20. Same shit in germany with the telekom. Waiting since may for my cable to get fixed. They demanded a 240 euro deposit to start with and now they send me invoices over 5 bucks every months for my useless router. Meanwhile the customer service completly ignores me.


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